Gun crime among the youth

Research indicates that the number of young people who are participating in gun crime is rapidly increasing because the silence wall was highly protecting them. In U. K it has been observed that gun crime not only affects specific parts of groups of people but the country at large. This has been confirmed by the fact that gun crime not only affects specific parts or groups of people but the country at large. This has been confirmed by the fact that gun crime prevention especially among the youth has been ranked as a major item in the country’s agenda.

Research also indicates that there has been a general decline in crime in England as well as Whales however gun offenses among the youth were increasing rapidly. The research indicates that despite the fact that there was a 7% drop in crime, the offenses that involved fire arms increased by 4%. (http://news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/uk_news/398197. stm, Singh, R. 2003, P. 78) It was found that most of these offenses were mainly reported in West Midlands, greater Manchester as well as London which represented 67% of the total gun crimes repeated in the UK.

Shockingly, research indicates that the number of children reported to possess illegal fire arms in United Kingdom has been increasing. It was found out that over 40 deaths were reported in the year 2007 as a result of gun shots and knife stubs among children and youth. According to a report by a senior police officer, it was confirmed that older gangsters force young people to carry fire arms to avoid being prosecuted. It was found out that the level of insecurity in UK has been on the rise as a result of the increasing number of young people who are engaging in gun crime.

To worsen the matter, it was found out that children who were less than ten years of age were responsible for over three thousand gun crimes reported in the year 2007. The police were not spared either. It was found out that the police officers who were being wounded while undertaking their daily operation has increased by 60% over the recent past. Gun crime among the youth in UK has therefore been cited as every citizen’s problem. It has therefore been identified as an issue of public concern and a pressing issue indeed. The extend of the problem

Research indicates that more than 50% of the total offenses involving fire arms were reported in only three regions in UK. These regions were identified as gun crime ‘hot spots’ and include west Midlands, London as well as Greater Manchester. (see Fig. 1 at the back page of the report). According to this part report, it was found out that London reported the highest number of offenses involving fire arms. It was found out that more young perpetrators were reported in the urban ares as compared to the rural areas. The report also indicated that gun crime among the youth has been higher in the most deprived areas in UK.

The youth have been worst hit by unemployment problem more than the other members of the society. They therefore result to criminal activities and majority of them engage in gun crime related offenses. It has been found out that among the major problems that have raised concern in Britain is gun crime. The increased number of young perpetrators of the crime and the terrible deaths that have been reported in some cities in the country clearly indicates that gun crime remains a major challenge to the government and a man social problem indeed.

Current government Policy/Concern It was found out that Britain’s government has developed some policies or approaches to address this problem. Research indicates that the labor government of the United Kingdom has been making efforts to ‘join up’ it’s actions with policy areas like live ability. It was found out that one of the measures that the government of UK has taken include public space improvement. This involves improving the general outlook of a particular area as a way of reducing crime.

Research indicates that the ODPM in conjunction with the home office has targeted local level while solving the problem of gun crime among the youth. It was found out that this was just a result of the implementation of both the national strategy for neighborhood as well as the crime and disorder act of the 1998. It was found out that the partnership has brought together police officers, members of the public, local authorities, officials from the probation service, officers from the health authorities, the entire voluntary sector, local residents as well as members of the business community.

It was also found out that the government policies regarding crime also focuses on public space as well. This was attributed to the fact that the implementation of neighborhood wardens was a gun crime reduction strategy that targeted the housing estates. Further research indicated that neighborhood wardens were also involved in community based activities such as football coaching as well as art based activities. It was found out that the police have also been actively involved to ensure that community is safe through facilitation of patrols and more so assuming a community role.

Research indicates that, the regeneration policy was focused on two main areas in UK. First is the gap between the least well off and the most well off which has been widening in order to reverse the trend. Secondly, the policy is aimed at ensuring sustainability in narrowing the gap between the least well off and the most well off even in future and thus impact positively especially on most deprived areas. (Bailey, S. 2005, P. 68-154; Johannes Knutsson, Ronald V. Clarke, 2006, p. 137)