Gun control won’t stop school massacres

School shootings are very rampant nowadays. There are vast numbers of crime and violence on different schools, primarily high school students. Watching too much violence on television can really influence them. Teenagers thought that killing other people will give them the ability to fight against “bad guys”, power and strength. What the school should do in other to resolve this kind of problem is to have anti-violence program that will educate the students that using gun is very dangerous and shooting it to an innocent person will end up locking in prison.

Sadly, some students thought that carrying guns in schools are used for protection, well it is used for protection but a person should be in the right age in order to carry a gun and must have full knowledge how to use it and be very responsible, in condition of carrying a gun there has to be very strict terms to be able to carry one and no guns to anyone who don’t know how to use it or before selling it the person should have a clear understanding on what responsibility he/she is going to have.

Schools should also hired more guards and have metal checks to know if a student might be carrying any metal harmful objects such as guns for them to detect easily not just by inspecting them one by one because it may caused delay, and they can still hide it somewhere. One more thing, parents play a vital role to their children. They are the ones who should educate their child first in dealing on different things such like this. They should also supervise their child on what kind of television shows or games their child is engaging on because we all know that media has a tremendous effect, media can be really powerful.


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