Gun control policies Sample

The main question of this paper is gun control and its relevance to the decrease of the level of the gun related crimes. The paper dwells on the analysis of statistic data concerning possession, distribution and use of firearms. It presents an overview of main legal acts regulating the gun-related activities and main problems associated with gun control issues. The paper includes the analysis of the existing literature on the gun control and gun related crimes. The original hypothesis of the paper is that stricter gun control is not the answer to the recent increase of the gun related violence in the USA.

In order to prove the original hypothesis I will address several questions, which are relevant to the topic under discussion. The first question concerns the problem of the gun acquisition. Gun control policies usually aim to regulate the firearm acquisition. However, the mere fact that certain legal barriers are established will not lower the level of the illegal gun acquisition through the black market. These legal measures can work mainly for the law obedient citizens, who are not the main perpetrators of gun crimes.

However, they will not have a substantial influence on the criminals, who obtain firearms through black market and for whom the changes in the gun-control policies do not make big difference. The other question under discussion is gun possession has no substantial influence on the level of crime. Statistic data, presented in the paper, will show that although a number of countries have the same or even less strict gun control policies the level of gun-related crimes there is lower.

Thus, the next supposition is that the world practice shows that stricter gun control does not necessarily mean lower level of crime. Based on the previous question there appears the next question, which will be discussed further. Once it becomes obvious that other countries with milder gun control policies have a lower level of gun related crime, the question that appears is: “What other factors in the USA contribute to the high level of gun-related crimes? ”.

In this section the question of the peculiarities of the American culture will be discussed. It will be argued whether the US culture has an influence on the issues of gun possession, use and crime. Actual evidence will be given to prove that American culture can be considered as a culture of fear, which contributes to the popularization of guns and leads to the increase of the gun related crimes. In my research I will dwell on statistics on gun possession, distribution and use.

Having analyzed various researches and statistic data, a conclusion can be made that gun politics in the United States is one of the most controversial issues of the US politics. There are several prominent problems in this issue, like the controversy between the duty of the government to ensure common defense and the rights of the citizen (Wayment, 2000) against the need of the government to regulate firearms and necessity of the order maintenance (Spitzer, 1995).