Gun Control laws Paper Example

The first claim is that illegal acquisition of firearms through the black market has become so rampant that merely tightening regulations on legal acquisition does not address the problem. I will prove this claim by discussing the current status of firearms proliferation through the black market in the United States. I will establish that even if stricter gun control laws are implemented, it is simply too easy to obtain a firearm outside of gun control regulations for any stricter regulations to matter.

The second claim is that when compared with other developed countries, the United States significantly has more gun related cases of violence despite having similar gun control laws. To substantiate this claim, I will discuss how similar current US gun control regulations are with other developed countries that have much lower gun related violence rates. Countries to which the U. S. would be compared to would include France, Britain, England, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

Through research on the gun control related laws of each of these countries, I aim to prove that although these countries all have similar gun control policies to that of the U. S. , they are able to maintain more minimal cases of gun related violence. I plan to gather information regarding gun related violence or gun related deaths in each of these countries on a 5 year period and compare it with that of the U. S.

In making such comparisons, I plan to use inferential statistics, particularly tests of significant difference such as t-tests or ANOVA tests at a 0. 5 confidence level. This will prove that the issue of how strict gun control laws are in the context of developed nations has little to do with the gun related violence in such countries. The third claim is that there are other factors that significantly contribute to the rate of gun related violence in the United States and that these factors include popular diversity and a culture of fear.

For this section I plan to discuss the conflicts brought about by the diversity in the U. S. population throughout history. I wish to establish that it is the mindset of aggression and not the lack of stricter laws that cause people to shoot one another. I also plan to discuss about the media’s role in the proliferation of a culture of fear in Americans. I wish to compare how media handles current events in the U. S. to how media handles current events in the other developed countries which I previously mentioned.

These three claims ultimately prove that stricter gun control laws are not the answer to the problem of gun related violence. First, because there are so many ways to get around the law in the first place, second because a comparison with other countries would reveal that the level of strictness is a non-issue so long as basic requirements are met, third because there are other more plausible causes of America’s gun violence problems that are present.