Guardianship and administration

Many individuals who are suffering from medical conditions and physical incapacity also have difficulties in settling important matters. This is most importantly applicable to the older population, most of which are enduring degenerative diseases that have impaired their ability to come up with a sound decision or have disabled them to go about their normal lives and manage their legal affairs. With this situation, there is an increasing need in different forms of aged care, health care and medical facilities which can cater to the needs of the elderly population.

In relation, it is also important to look into the ways in which the guardianship and administration is promoted for the benefit of the elderly. More particularly, we will look into the different ways in which the Guardianship and Administration Board of Western Australia has been involved in the lives of many elderly people especially in the appointment of guardians and providing legal assistance to them. The Guardianship and Administration Board (GAB) – Mission Statement: “To protect the right, well-being, financial affairs of adults incapable of reasonably looking after their own welfare. ”

– GAB makes decisions in behalf and for the benefit of individuals with disabilities and are incapable of making reasonable and sound judgments about lifestyle, financial and other related matters (Guardianship and Administration Board, 2002). – Other functions of GAB involve: – Arranges appointment regarding the guardians and administrators of people with limited or impaired decision making capability, – reviews referrals which have been submitted previously, and – reviews applications for intervention into Enduring powers of attorney and other related applications (State Administrative Tribunal, 2005).

– Since 1993, guardianship orders have increased. – Since 2005, the functions of the Guardianship and Administration Board have been assumed by the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT). Process of guardianship – The first step is to make a referral to the Guardianship and Administration Board (GAB). – GAB will investigate the context of the referral in order to know if there is a need to appoint a guardian. – Upon review of the situation, GAB will proceed with the appointment of a person as a guardian or the Public Guardian. Aged care

– In 2001, GAB dealt with aged care facilities and nursing homes, especially in physical and chemical restraints. Also, GAB concluded that a particular guardian should be assigned to make decisions regarding the use of the said restraints. This guardian shall be chosen in situations when the person, in this case the elderly, had no relatives or had no one taking care of him (Guardianship and Administration Board, 2002). – The appointed guardian shall also be responsible for coordinating with the aged care facility to make sure that the medical needs of the aged individual are met and he or she receives the proper medical and dental treatment.