Great Depression

The presidential administration of F. D. R. differed dramatically from those of the 1920s (Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover) about the role of the federal government in the economy and in the lives of ordinary Americans. How and why did this occur? The presidential administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt differ dramatically from those of the 1920s such as Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover is that he played an important role in the economy. He establish roles in the nation's economy to the Federal goverment by having them regulate corporate life, and in the health, welfare, and well-being of its citizen.

Before 1938, an ordianary working citizen could be force to work as many hours as demanded and as low of a wage as given, even children at all ages. Franklin D. Roosevelt then established the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 that banned oppressive child labor and set the minimum hourly wage at 25 cents, and the maximum work per week at 44 hours. In his inagural address Franklin D. Roosevelt was determined to help out the unemployed citizens starting with launching a program of federal activism. , which would change the nature of American goverment.

he called the new deal. The New Deal represented a new form of liberalism that shaped the ideal views of American soceity. During his precidency the economic recovery from the Great Depression was temporaily stalled, lasting about 13 month. The unemployment rate increased dramatically and the productioon rate fell, and was called the "Roosevelt Recession". In order to recover the economy he recieved about four billion dollars in new spending from congress, which was split among multiple recovery agencies. When The World at War begin Franklin D.

Roosevelt and Church Hill realize that they had to fight facism for "the survival of democracy". Urbanization started to increase in vast number to join the military or take a war job, which accelerated to social transformation. Meanwhile the federal laws and practices established during the war like universal taxtation of incomes, a huge military establishment, and multibillion-dollar budgets. Under his presidency he has established roles of regulating economics to the federal goverment, has caused us to recover from the Great Depression, and created equality among ordinary citizen.

During Harding presidency he wanted to recover from the great depression by promising the people "Not nostrums but Normalcy", in which he did not. He fought the recession by calling the congress to dramatically reduce both taxes and spending, which reduce the federal spending, aswell as budget surpluses each year. Harding tatic of ending war was to compete against other super powers in having better military equipment. "Harding wasted little time in cutting taxes on higher incomes and raising tariffs rate. " He dropped the unemployment rate down, aswell as barelly contributing to the growth of the country administration.

During Hoover presidency thought that it would work itself out. He relied on volunteerism and is a reason why Roosevelt was elected in the next precidency because he promised that he could make a chance in the depression, which allowed Ordinary Citizen hope. Hoover proceded the recession by raising taxes, and increase spending learning nothing from Harding and Coolidge in benefiting the economy by lowering tax and spending. Coolidge believed in small goverment espically at the federal level and practice the passive style of leadership.

Coolidge differed politically to Franklin Roosevelt because he wasn't an activsit. His biggest concern was economics and he favored lower taxes, reduced regulation of buissness, and a balance budget. Like Harding, Coolidge allowed his cabinet a free hand in foreign affairs, delegating authority to Treasury Secretary Mellon, S. He believe that the United States should seek out foreign markets and refrain from entangling alliance and participation in the league of nations. Although many admired him when he held office, they were quick to turn on Coolidge and blame him for Great Depresion.

Mainly due to his tax cuts, his policy decisions destablized the economy. Although Coolidge had no major impact, he did produce seven years of prosperity, peace, and balanced budgets. In conclusion, I hate school. http://www. dol. gov/oasam/programs/history/flsa1938. htm http://millercenter. org/president/fdroosevelt/essays/biography/9 Pbs org harding http://www. whitehouse. gov/about/presidents/warrenharding https://answers. yahoo. com/question/index? qid=20090912231307AAdWDEo http://www. taxpayersunitedofamerica. org/commentary/itef/warren-harding-and-the-great-depression-that-wasnt.