Human Service Department in the County Government

Grant Management is basically concerned with the structuring of the relationship between a country and its environment. The environment in which country operates has a greater influence on their successes or failures. There is a strong linkage between the changing environment, the strategic response of the country to such changes and the performance. It is therefore important to understand the forces of external environment the way they influence this linkage. The external environment which is dynamic and changing holds both opportunities and threats for the County Governments.

The County Governments while attempting at strategic realignments, try to capture these opportunities and avoid the emerging threats. At the same time the changes in the environment affect the attractiveness or risk levels of various investments of the County Governments or the investors. BROAD DIMENSIONS OF HUMAN SERVICE DEPARTMENT The macro environment in which all County Governments operate broadly consist of the economic environment ,the political and legal environment ,the socio cultural aspects and the environment related issues like pollution, sustainability etc.

These factors often overlap and the developments in one area may influence developments in other. The opening up of economy integrated the markets globally and increased the competition between private and public firms. The social considerations in the context of a developing country also play a critical role in deciding the broad dynamics of the country environment. The external forces can be classified into: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal Forces.

Changes in these external forces affect the changes in consumer demand for both industrial and consumer products and services. These external farces affect the types of products produced the nature of positioning them and market segmentation strategies, the types of services offered, and choice of country. Therefore, it becomes important for the County Governments to identify and evaluate external opportunities and threats so as to develop a clear mission, designing strategies to achieve long-term objectives and develop policies to achieve short-term goals.

While the framework may be used to understand the most important factors at the present time, it should be primarily used to look into the future impact which may be different from their present or past impact. Political: Politics has a serious impact on the economic environment of a country. Political ideology and political stability or instability strongly influence the pace and direction of the economic growth. Also it contributes to the economic environment which is conducive for the country to grow.

Economic factors: Throw light on the nature and direction of the economy in which a firm operates. The firms must focus on economic trends in segments that affect their industry. Consumption patterns are the relative affluence of market segments and firms must understand them through the level of disposable income and the tendency of people to spend. interest rates, inflation rates, unemployment rates and trends in the gross national product, government policies and sect oral growth rates are other economic influences it must consider.