Government is harming privacy

The government has access to private emails of people and the government officials can read their mails and messages so the people often get worried about the matter. It is not always the case that the people fear that the scanning of their emails and messages will disclose their involvement in some illegal or criminal activity but they are worried just because they respect their privacy and for the sake of which they don’t want any one to read their personal mails and messages. There is also a chance that their emails would be understood and interpreted in wrong way and create problem for them.

Some of the messages might reflect such thought that the government people, scanning the emails fell in doubt that the person might be involved in some illegal activity. The person will have to undergo investigation process which can create further problems for him. In this way the scanning of email becomes an issue of power abuse and not something that just harm the people involved in illegal activities. Another problem the people face online is the reception of too many junk emails and messages.

As their email addresses are listed in the government records, many marketing companies can get the address and start sending them the marketing emails which might not be interesting for them and only cause the wastage of time. The email addresses can also used by individuals who might go for sending false or meaningless junk emails that resulted in diversion of attention. The availability of the personal records of people on the internet or within the government database files, accessible by other people, makes the personal life of people public. Every individual have a different standard for the respect for his own privacy.

Some people might think that the availability of their personal data on internet or at other database will not harm their privacy but many people argue that it is not fair that any one can get hold of the personal information of an individual. Anyone can collect the information with wrong intentions and might misuse them. There is no any possibility for an individual to know that who has accessed his personal information from the database. Anyone can get complete personal information about any individual from the database of government without letting him know. This is a great disadvantage of personal record keeping by the government.

Though the government maintain the records to facilitate their departments, other companies and organization who want to formulate their policies related to the general public but the information is not only used by the concerned people, it might be used or misused by anyone. Due to this reason there is a big fear that that by keeping the record of the personal information of people, the government is harming their privacy. The people are monitored in so many ways. The government not only keeps the record of their personal information but by virtue of latest technology, the government also has a check on certain activities of individuals.

Their online activities can be scanned, their telephone calls can be tapped and their activities at different places could be seen through the hidden cameras. This all time monitoring develop uncomfortable feelings among the individuals. While talking with some one on the telephone and discussing any issue, they have a awareness that someone might be listening all their conversations. Unintentionally they become reserve and formal as a result they loose the natural soul of their communication.

Same case is while chatting online or sending email, when people going to type any message, they have in mind that someone else who is unaware of the context of their communication, is scanning the conversation. This thing badly harms the free style communication of people. They feel uncomfortable in expressing their ideas and views about several issues as they are aware that their comments are being noted by the officials. People also have uncomfortable feelings while communication with others on telephone or internet about any government organization, discussing any government policy or criticizing some action of the government.

The invasion of privacy badly affected the freedom of expression and people lose their extempore and natural style of communication. They have to be choosy in their words and expression. “Doing Nothing Wrong” Doesn’t Means “No Need for Privacy” The supporters of invasion of privacy often make the argument that if someone is involve in any illegal activity then he has to be concerned and afraid of being monitored, otherwise it does not matter that someone is monitoring them or not.

In this regard one concept should be very clear that the privacy is not only needed to hide any crime or some bad activity but it is right of every individual not to be disturbed and not to be known to others without his own intensions. Another concept supporting the argument is “knowledge is power”. When the people got to know more and more about your self they might start having influence on your life and they can also go for controlling your life and imposing several decisions on you. In order to avoid this situation every individual has a right to control his personal information and attain his desired level of privacy.

It’s not to hide something but it’s just a matter of likeness. Many people don’t take it very positively that other people go on learning information about them and they want to control the flow of information related to them. Nothing Remains Private The invasion of privacy by the government makes each and every aspect of individual’s life recorded somewhere. There are so many types of databases of government that an individual has to provide almost every type of information about every activity, to the government.

Each information database is not open and accessible for the general public; there are many secret databases that respect the privacy of individuals like tax information, public library record etc but even those records can also be accessed by the relevant departments for any reference. In this way every event of the individual life including marriage, divorce or accident become part of government record and nothing is left with the individual as his very private or untouched information.

The government and the general public continuous get information about an individual; what he ate, what he buy, from where he did shopping, where and when he travel and so on. That’s why people feel that the government is taking over the control of their lives. The government keep the record of variety of issues “from the business executive applying for a personal loan to the school teacher applying for a national credit card, from the riveter seeking check-guarantee privileges from the local bank to the young married couple trying to finance furniture for its first home”. (Seth Grimes, 2003)