Goverment essay

I am writing this essay to tell you some things about the pros and cons of voter ID. One of the biggest political issues today is the up and coming debates about photo ID laws. This is a law that requires voters to show identi? cation in order to vote. Some states even make you a have a photo ID, and without one you can’t vote. The states that are the strictest on these laws are Pennsylvania, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, and Tennessee. First I would like to start you out with the cons of a voters photo ID. A negative a’ect from these laws is that if you don’t have a form of identi?

cation to present at the polls you can’t vote, and getting a birth certi? cate or government issued ID can be costly and time consuming. The elderly and the poor are usually the most a’ected by these regulations, often they live in rural areas and may have trouble getting a new identi? cation. Now I will tell you the pros of the voter’s photo ID law. The ? rst thing that is good a about photo ID laws is that it keeps illegal aliens from voting in our elections making it very unfair for whomever their voting against. Another important thing about having to have a photo ID to vote is to keep voting fraud down to a minimal.

There have been reports of people going up to the polls and using a dead person’s name to vote, and then also voting with their own name. In this essay I have told you the pro and con of voters having to use a photo ID to vote. My personal belief is that you should have to have a photo Tanner Manous DR. Yoe 11/12/14 ID to vote. Mainly because it is what I think the right thing to do, and besides most people should have to get a photo ID at some point in their life anyways. I hope you enjoyed what I wrote and for reading my essay thankyou.