Good in Bad

“The charges include nine counts of attempted murder, bias intimidation, arson and aggravated arson,” says the article Prosecutor: Hatred drove Bergen firebomb suspect. Anthony Graziano is the man being charged with this for throwing Molotov cocktails into a synagogue in Rutherford. He knew that the rabbi, his wife, five children, and parents were all fast asleep and he didn’t think twice about throwing the bombs. He even went on and attempted to burn another synagogue in Paramus using a less drastic method, but when members of the congregation smelt gas, they contacted authorities.

It honestly pains me to be reading an event like this that shows so much hatred toward a group of people, especially religious groups. I can’t help but ask myself, “Where is God? ” I have learned to see this differently now, but originally I viewed it as being an enormity. This man has no thought or reverence to the Jewish religion and ultimately God. “We have no doubt that arson and attempted murder in Rutherford were a direct result of Mr. Graziano’s hatred of people of the Jewish faith,” said the Bergen County Prosecutor.

This insane man could have taken the lives a large sum of people, who were just living their lives not bothering anyone, solely on his extreme abhorrence. However, like I said, I view this differently from most people’s immediate reactions. There must be something else going on to the poor man who committed these crimes. I do see God within this and it can be related to the akedah story. As God tested Abraham to kill his only son, God is testing Anthony Graziano to be content with his life. Being destructive was the way that he found comfort in his life.

God never explicitly elucidated and I know that as he stopped Abraham from killing his son he tried to stop Anthony from throwing the first bomb, but was unsuccessful. It is also possible to say that because Anthony “is a virulent anti-Semite who was so intent on sowing fear and destruction” that he let his actions get ahead of his clear thinking. Within that situation God is allowing Anthony to learn from his mistakes and later learn and become closer to God. (Like Paul and prosecutor of Christians who later became one. ) The moral of the story: God is the good in good and good in bad.