Gmc for Any Thing

General Motors was founded by William C. Durant on September 16, 1908, as a holding company for Buick.In 1909, GM purchased the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, forming the basis of the General Motors Truck Company, from which the “GMC”brand name was derived. The GMC Start in Qatar in 1975s.

Also it was has a vision which is we stand to achieve our goal – Empowering people throughout the region to reach out and connect and improving our customer’s lives with the best possible offering of products, services and support. We take pride in that. How many places the company has in Qatar?

The company has two show rooms for the cars the main show room in the salwa road and the other show room in the Al-Wakra. And the company has three service stations in Qatar, in different locations, the main service in the industry area, Wakra and Umm Al Afaai and you can go to any AcDelco service station

What is the target market?The GMC target market is for every one lives in Doha and it’s not categories for special level of people. For example, the Yukon is for families, sierra for young people, Terrain for ladies and small families and savanna for thecompanies. SWOT( strength, weaknesses, opportunity and threat)

Strength: they have strong cars with a big engine and fuel-efficiency.

Weaknesses: the Qatari market is well known with its japans imports and the Americans are not that old to compete in the market

Opportunity: GMC is based on Strong pickup trucks and family SUV and they can bring lots of companies’ contract with good strategy and with the GMC being a small part of GM they can do great deals for cheaper prices

Threat: GMC have a bit over price truck for their size its good for personal use but it might not suit big companiesEconomic status. With the high income of the Qatari citizen and the economic deals for the GMC its great win for both the company and the owner and whenever the economy status go higher, GMC will have better sales in here

Political forces.USA the home of GMC and Qatar have the same future vision so they are working together so Qatar as country is providing all the help they can, to help the American market in Qatar.

Legal and regulatory.GMC kept all its vehicle safety to its limit so they will not have any problems with any country’s MOT. So they have no problems with the Qatari regulation.

Technology in GMC.As we mentioned GMC is part of GM and GM had its lead in lots of standard car technology, Cadillac GM is the first company that created the starter before that it was all crank rotations and lots of broken arms if the car backfires and even today’s GMC are not missing any bit of technology for safe, fun and easy ride.

Social in Qatar.In the old days woman were not allowed to drive so each boy have his own car and the family car that is with the driver was Toyota pickup or Nissan pickup but when the Yukon XL and the early model suburban hit the market, those cars became the standard car for the family.

Who are the competitors?Toyota Land cruiser had the market but in the last few years GMC fixed the engine heating problems and with a bigger engine than a land cruiser and a good mileage per gallon, stronger body with lots of small gadgets like remote engine start and lights sensors and even cheaper price including the service price GMC start taking over the market of cars in Qatar and lots of people are switching to GMC from other the competitors even if they were a life time Toyota owner.

How many cars were sold?GMC increased their sale last four years, about double of their old sales for example in 2008 the company sold 5000 cars during the year but in 2012 the company sales jumped by 10000 cars.

What promotion they give to the customer help selling their cars? The promotion depend on market economic, for example if the economic come higher the rate of the bank loan is became lower rate. In the other hand they give three years warranty or 100km warranty whatever come first