Genetically modified organism

There are some worldwide companies (big and recognized companies) that have grown because of their effort, their sales, their contribution to society, the use of their products that some times are a basic part of life of the human beings today; these few characteristics thatI´ve mentioned of why some of the companies are known around the world are the ones that we have seen somewhere or heard from someone, the ones that people or advertising tell us to believe that these companies do.

But sometimes there is another story behind all these advertising of people smiling while they´re using the products from these companies, there are the stories that they don´t want to tell because they don´t want us to know HOW the achieve many of their big goals that have created their fortune.

This research is to show you some of these hidden stories (FACTS) that companies try to hide, to show you what are you really eating while they say it´s healthy food, to show you how many lifes (not only human lifes, but entire environmental sectors) have cost just for a tank of oil for your cars, to show you how MONEY can be more valuable for some companies that entire communities health; in these research we´ll be talking about Chevron and Monsanto; Chevron as one of the biggest multinational companies in the oil, gas and geothermal industry, and Monsanto, a company that modify genetically the food in order for it to be more abundant and healthy.

First let´s talk about Chevron, this big company, as it is mentioned before, is known for their production of oil, gas and geothermal products, they say that they are focused in “protecting the environment and supporting the communities”1, having said this, it´s good to mention a very well known event through the world, this case happened years ago in Ecuador, when Chevron (As Texaco) implemented the production of their products in the Amazonic region of this country.

Because of process of getting the oil that is under the ground, it causes secondary effects after getting the oil out; in the surface of the sector where the oil was extracted, the waste from result of this process, gets accumulated and this is a very toxic matter, that affects every living thing that have any contact with this toxic substance.

Also in order to make the oil a final product, are need some chemicals to be applied on the processes, these chemicals where also dropped in the environment (rivers, green areas, it also spread through the air, etc.); all this chemicals have a devastating effect on living things, and the first ones to note this where the people that lived near these areas, that consume the nutrients from that ground that was used to obtain the oil, that drink the water from the rivers that they contaminate.

Now we have mention all the things that were left in the environment, it´s time to talk about the effects or reactions that this chemicals have in the people that where in one way contaminated, the studies and statistics shows us how the level of cancer was increasing really fast, there were also the physical effects, you can see how little childs where affected, you can see boys with three fingers, women with blind eyes; also the little babies were born already with this mutations or they were already sick (you can see the photos of them all around the internet).

The cancer that was generated for this toxic chemicals take a lot of human lifes, also a big part of the amazonic region was destroyed, entire tribes have disappeared through the years, little kids weren´t able to grow in a pure environment and many of them didn´t even reach the puberty.

In consequence for all this facts that were happening during the Chevron production of oil, Ecuador started a lawsuit against Chevron for all the damage they´ve done (to the people, the environment, animals, lakes, rivers, etc.) in order to Chevron to stop destroying their environment and to respond for all the damages caused. The case take place in Ecuador (Chevron have the chance to choose the case to take place in Ecuador or in USA, they choose Ecuador); Chevron lose the case and they where sentenced to pay 18 Billion dollars to Ecuador for all the damages they´ve caused.

Chevron appealed against this decision by arguing that the corrupt laws in Ecuador and the corrupt people manipulated the case in order to fail against Ecuador. Chevron also said that the trial was manipulated by the corrupt government of Ecuador, that Ecuador was showing some files and emails from anonymous companies (environmental consulting companies) that supposedly says that the areas in Ecuador where severely affected when they were not; Chevron also said that a report that was also supposedly wrote by a layer, in the trial this same layer denied that he actually wrote that same report after reading it.

They also said that in the trial, some of the many thousands of people that were supposedly involved in the accusation against Chevron, where actually just a few ones that really signed the demand, and that many of that firms where falsificated; other argument was that the people that signed this documents (demand) does not have idea what they where signing, that the government just tell them to sign and they will receive some free medicines.

All this proves or facts that Chevron showed where just files or arguments that they get from investigations, but they never showed any image or photos about the places where their machinery where implemented, and how the production of the oil have left a lot of waste in these areas, all the contamination, all the reactions in the people, in their bodies, all the deaths that were registered since they started to work there, all the tribes that have disappeared, all the babies that were born with cancer, all the boys that were blind, the animals that dies daily because of the poisoned food, etc., etc.; they doesn´t mention all these.

FACTS that have destroyed a lot of families through the time, all the green areas that will never be recovered, the rivers that won’t be with clear water anymore, they were just worried about the 18 billion dollars that they have to pay.

This Chevron case was more known around the world because of the recognition that Chevron has in the market, also because of the big impact that it have in the human lifes in Ecuador, and of course, because of the incredible amount of money (18 billion dollars) that they have to pay because of losing the trial. But there is also a company that call themselves as a company that cares for the environment and the human health, this company is MONSANTO. Now let´s make a little review about this case, and the products they sell.

This company says that they provide to the farmers, and numerous companies that are focused in the agriculture business, by selling them products (genetically modefied) in order to the products to lasts more, to “grow” better, better quality. Some of these products are corn, canola, sorghum, sugar cane seeds, etc. These products are also supposed to improve the health of the people that consume them.

There have been made some researches about what this company does. These studies show that the food that Monsanto sells, that is genetically modified have some effects in the humans. These products cause health issues to the human body such as cancer tumors, secondary birth effects and infertility. These seeds had also and deathly effect on some anima, such as the bees, researches have proved that entire colonies of bees have collapsed because of the GMO seeds.

People in USA also put lawsuits against Monsanto arguing that they were intoxicated because of their products. Monsanto have faced this type of problems not only in the USA, but all around the world, here are some examples of the countries that have had problems with this products: Argentina, Brazil, China, Haiti, India, etc.

What we have seen in this research about this false speech of these two companies (Monsanto and Chevron), lets us a lot to think when they say that “they care for the environment” or that “they support the communities” and even that “they want to improve our health”?

How can they say that the care about all these stuff they mention, when they doesn’t even faces the truth of the facts and the consequence of their acts, they just say that they won´t pay not a cent, that the contamination was already there before they come, that the people where already intoxicated before they consume their products. It will be at least a little more decent to admit their faults and try to amend them, not by responding in with the arrogance they usually do.