Generalization: Black People and Young Men

In daily life, you can find out man many generalization easily; such as, when you heard about crime, you immediately think of the drunken, unemployed, color people.. etc, or when you heard about Havard’s student, words describing like very smart, creative, sucess in life easily or something like that glance through your mind. In the same way, when you heard people depend on welfare, you immediately think that they are lazy, unemployed, have many children, never try to get any job and they are black people. However, do you think generalizations like above always right?

Absolutely not. In my opinion, each person has each generalization, sometimes genelizations is similiar, but sometimes not. Wrong genelizations can be cause racism or unfair in life. To begin with an Gladwell’s article, because he mention generalization in one of his articles. In “Troublemakers”, Gladwell argues that generalization is not easy, you must know exactly what is going on. Because of the attacks of pitt bull, it was banned by the Ontario goverment. They said that pitt bulls is very dangerous, can bite someone without warning signs, then, they decided banned it.

In the same case with pitt bull, he gave us some example about young men driver always higher charges or doctors think that midle-ages easily get heart attack. In the same article, he also gave us example about terrorism. He said terrorist in our mind is totally different in real. We don’t know how a terrorists look like; can be a Arab men, can be a young men, can be black people, can be white people, can be lady, also can be a old men. That’s why, the goverment and the police, specific is New York Police Department have trouble in sketching terrorist’s prolife.

However, when NYPD use right generalization to make decrease crime in city. Back to the pitt bull, as we know, not all pitt bull are killer, moreover, dogs are good or bad also depend on owner. Most of case was attacked by pitt bull, the owner is often neglectful. However, it is still prohibited. Therefore, Gladwell said that is wrong generalization. As shown above, generalization is not always right. In a welfare statistics 2012, total government spending on welfare annually (not including food stamps or unemployment): $131.

9 billion. This number is increasing every year. Besides, the global economics downturn, this number is very serious. That’s why, most of americans don’t like people who depend on welfare too much. Americans thought that it was one of cause badly affecting in life today. In the same statistic was shown above, percent of recipients who are black: 39. 8 %, this’s highest percent. Next, base on those numbers, you are thinking that black people depend on goverment so much and they seem never try to getting job.

Moreover, most of drunken and crime you can see everyday on the street are also black. In the same case, when you go to department of welfare center, you can easily realize that the number of black people is more than all. Now, you begin to default on your thinking that black people are lazy, drunken, crime and depend on welfare so much. Meanwhile, how we know they never try to find a job or try to do something? We don’t know. We also don’t know what is going on their life. They can really have more troubles than white, because of the racism.

I have a small story, that’s observation. I’m living Northeast Phillies. Oneday, when I was from home to school, I saw some homeless man on the way to school, I counted five people and in which just have one black people. Now, where is problem? I know, this’s just small story and it can’t generalize anything obvious. However, I think it enough for we look back at own conclusion. Fact that blacks depend on welfare more than others, don’t they? When we heard about black people, we immediately think of crime, drunken…

And, thinking made us don’t want to hire them. Clearly, they’ll unemployed. Next, they must depend on welfare to maintain life. Things like a circle and has no end. Until we change our thinking about them and giving them more opportunities, they are still depend on welfare. Not all black people depend on welfare, also not all pitt bull are killers. Finally, genaralization is really important and need shrewdness. You must observation everything what is happening around problems. Because a wrong genaralization can can lead to unnecessary mistakes.