General Electric Company Training

General Electric Company Training, Development and Learning Programs The General electric is established in 1892. It was the mergers of Thomas Alva Edison co. with his EELC amalgamate in Thomson-Houston Electric Company and formed General Electric. The General Electric works with 323,000 employees around the world. In 2010 the estimation revenue of GE reached up to $25 billion. The company invests in the secession planning through introducing the several training and development programs; it is the process for recognizing and emergent internal employees with the impending to fill significant organizational positions.

It helps to reduces the risk and produce a complete leadership model, smooth business continuity, develop staff morale, and encourage hiring form the existing staff for the leadership role (Manmohan Anand, 2010). There is different Leadership and Learning Programs introduces by the General Electric; Entry-level Leadership Programs: This program offers for the recent college graduates, it gives the rewards of development opportunities that mix the real-world organization experience with proper classroom study.

The programs offers in Entry-Level Leadership are divided into the subject according to the subject to the graduates like; Communications: It is the challenging rotational program called the Communications Leadership Development Program (CLDP). It is focus to develop the talent of potential communication and public relation at high level. The trainees’ during the program rotate in the department of public relations, marketing communications, employee communications, and executive communications. It is contribute the developing of the top communication leaders of GE.

Engineering: This program is introduce for the engineering graduates it is called the Edison Engineering Development Program (EEDP). It develops the technical problem-solving skills in the trainees through advanced courses in engineering and technical projects. The presentations of the senior leadership aligned the objectives of the GE and the diverse experiences of the seniors help to building the smart and skilled leader who know the systems, analysis, design, quality, reliability, integration and testing.

Finance: This program contributes the GE success by developing the leadership which exercise the current financial challenges faces the organization. This program is called the Financial Management Program (FMP). The leadership and analytical skills are developing through classroom training and key assignments. Information Technology: The Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP) contributes in the succession by developing the strong technical and project management skills through a combination of coursework and challenging technical assignments.

Manufacturing/Operations: It is the Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP) which is an ideal entry point for engineers. It defines the world-class manufacturing processes, products and services. Possible assignments comprise shop operations, process engineering, lean manufacturing, global supply chain management, materials management, and environmental health and safety implementation. It is the best program which produces the operation management leadership for the GE progress.

Other programs the Commercial Leadership Program (CLP) in sales and marketing, Business Specific Programs and on campus recruitment also include in the above list. All of these programs introduced for the finding the best talent of the GE and train them through a series of rotating assignments, typically over a period of two years the young professionals receive accelerated professional development, world-class mentors, and global networking that increase the GE’s businesses (General Electric Company).

Experienced Leadership Programs: The experienced leadership program is the specific program for experienced professionals who want to speed up their professional career by finding the fitting opportunity in this program. This program is for the specific position high-potential talent who collaborate in the succession of GE’s business. In this program the training offers to the employees in order to build them leadership at top level in their fields, on the job training gives them experience and advance knowledge about the subjective areas of working.

The development programs areas are the Corporate Audit, Human Resources: Human Resources Leadership Program (HRLP), Sales and Marketing: Experienced Commercial Leadership Program (ECLP), Business Specific Programs: GE Healthcare Quality-Regulatory Leadership Program (QRLP), and on campus recruitment. All of these training programs perform the key role in the succession of the GE’s business (General Electric Company). John F. Welch Leadership Development Center: ? This center is known as the “Crotonville”. It is founded in 1956.

It is the world’s first major corporate business school. This school hosts around 10,000 GE’s employees and customers annually. The ranges of them from entry level to highest performing executives. It attracts the world’s brightest and most influential minds in academia and business. It is offering organizational and management courses. The Crotonville also plays an important role in facilitating diversity at GE. The center gives classes of a broad functional and global mix, with most courses having 50 percent non-U. S. participation.

It growing the leader world wide than leaders reach the business across the world and GE has taken the experienced leaders across the globe and the GE’s leadership training is available everywhere in the world for GE’s leaders. The courses offer the best practice of leadership program for the contribution in the progress of GE’ business into the world includes; sharing best practices in Asia, management development in Europe, learning in Abu Dhabi, growing teamwork in Asia and on the ground in Africa (General Electric Company, 2009). References 1) Manmohan Anand, GE Succession Planning – A Case Study, slideshare. net, 01 Oct 2010, web.

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