Gay and Lesbian Adoptions

In a world full of homeless children, it is a blessing to have parents by the youngsters’ sides. A mother and a father is the best that one could get, but a mother or a father is better that none. But another choice comes in for these children: having two mothers or two fathers would really be something. But odd as it may seem, having gay or lesbian parents is better than nothing, especially now that same sex relationships is already gaining approval in different places of the world. One of the issues being raised by those who disapprove the gay and lesbian adoption revolves around the welfare of the children.

According to Tom Adkins, “daughters of lesbian couples are more likely to be sexually promiscuous and engage in lesbian experimentation (Kirszner, Mandell and Lunsford “Traditional Mother and Father: Still the Best Choice for the Children”). ” This point raised by Adkins shows his ideals regarding the issue. Adkins can be seen as a hater of the third sex, since he sees it wrong for the daughters to discover their sexuality, disapproving of the lesbian experimentation by the daughters of the lesbian couples.

The point is, he supports his ideas not because he really thinks that adoption should be kept within the bounds of a 2-parent family composed of a man and a woman. What he is emphasizing on the statement is that gays and lesbians should not be allowed to adopt, period. Being placed in a situation like this, gays and lesbians are being denied of having their own families. We all know that they can’t bear a child, that’s why their only option is adoption. The article states that the children are the prize that gays and lesbians are after.

But instead of recognizing the children as a prize, it is more of a missing piece that could complete their puzzle. We all know that they are incapable of bearing children, that’s why their only choice was to adopt. This is in order to put the missing piece of the puzzle, since these children completes the definition of a parent for them, finally having a family of their own. The point raised about how these gay relationships doesn’t last long shouldn’t be a basis for jumping into conclusion that the gays and lesbians who wanted to adopt a child would just break up after a while.

It could be that adoption would be their chance to settle down, for them to settle as a family. It should not hinder their desire to have their own family composed of their partners and their children, even though it didn’t came from them, since their coupling would impossibly bear a child. These gay and lesbians relationships should not be quantified and analyzed to last only for a short time. Deciding to adopt a child is not a very easy decision to make. It just proves that the gays or lesbian couples already wanted to have a whole family, since they have already decided to raise a child.

Another issue being raised is about the gay or lesbian culture, which other people views as something being handed down from parents to their children. According to Adkins, “popular gay culture seems preoccupied with emphasizing its unstable, dark side… (Kirszner, Mandell and Lunsford “Traditional Mother and Father: Still the Best Choice for the Children”)” He seems to imply as a negative characteristic of gay parents, wherein all of these people wanted to influence their children even though they choose not to be homosexual. Gay parents don’t necessarily want homosexual children.

For them, it is more of raising your child that’s important, being able to have a family of their own even if it is not their biological sons or daughters that they are raising. What is mostly understood by people is that gay people also want a normal life. Adkins was right when he said that “most of us can’t pick our parents (Kirszner, Mandell and Lunsford “Traditional Mother and Father: Still the Best Choice for the Children”). ” But this doesn’t mean that those homeless kids should remain homeless because gays and lesbians are the ones to adopt them.

Whatever social or cultural issues that have been laid on to the third sex shouldn’t stop them from giving homeless child the warmth of a home. It can be viewed as a good deed to save some of those helpless souls and raise it as your own. Whatever qualification has been set for these people to adopt, gays and lesbians shouldn’t be disqualified to help save a life. They can give these children a better future rather than growing old in these shelters and orphanages. As long as these gay or lesbian couples could provide what parents should provide to their children, they should be allowed to adopt these homeless kids.

Gender doesn’t matter, as long as it keeps these kids away from the streets, away from harm’s way. Also, the process of adopting children involves analyzing the would-be parents’ status. If there are any signs or any records that would disqualify them from being good parents, then surely they won’t be able to adopt. What would be the sense of putting up standards for adoption if it would be swayed because of the gender bias that some people has placed in it. If these gays and lesbians can fulfill their roles as parents, then why not give them a chance.

Even if there are some cases that the children would turn out not what they have expected to be, there is a high possibility that these gays and lesbians would raise good citizens of the country, people that many would look up to. When analyzing the points of a certain issue, it is necessary to point out both its good and bad aspects. There is no concrete evidence that these gays and lesbians are lousy parents. There are even parents who weren’t able to provide everything for their children. There are also cases of abuse by the children’s normal, straight parents.

Considering the situation of these children living in foster care, it is good to know that there are still those who are willing to take care of these kids (Kirszner, Mandell and Lunsford “Debate: Should Gay and Lesbian Couples Be Allowed to Adopt? “). The best way is to give them a chance to prove how worthy they are as parents. Even if they are gays or lesbians, it doesn’t mean that their capacity to be good parents is diminished. One of the steps id the adoption process would be to know about the ones who are going to adopt. Gays, Lesbians, straight male-female couples should be treated the same.

If there are any complications, say a bad record or incapacity to be good parents, then that is the time where people should be strict in implementing restrictions. Gays and Lesbians should not be judged according to their preferred gender especially when it comes to raising children. No one is not in the position to say that these gays and lesbians are not fit to be good fathers or mothers, since they haven’t seen anything yet. Past occurrence like the daughters of lesbians who where into lesbian experimentation should not be regarded as a major issue. It is there choice as to what gender they want to belong.

Being gay or being lesbian is not wrong, as long as you don’t step on someone else’s foot, break certain rules and destroy other’s lives, being gay is perfectly normal. They should be allowed to have a happy life, if it means that in order to do so, they have to adopt their sons or daughters.

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Martin’s, 2006. pp. 625-27. Outline: Introduction: The introduction will be based on the situation of the homeless children in the world to day, where the numbers are really alarming. Hopefully, it would attract the reader’s attention at the instant they read the introduction. Body: Welfare of Children vs. Gay and Lesbian adoption Children as a Prize Gays and Lesbians: Unstable relationships Passing the Gay and Lesbian Culture Choosing Parents vs. Choosing the Future Parents as good providers The Better Parent Summary: Giving the Gays a Chance as Parents Gays vs. Straights in Parenting

Question 1: The lead will be able to grab the readers’ attention because it is an appeal to the emotion, where it targets the reader’s sympathy upon knowing that there are a lot of homeless children nowadays. Question 2: The thesis of the essay creates an argument and do touch on gay and lesbian relationships. It argues about its stand, that gays and lesbians should be given a chance to have a family by adopting children. Question 3: Topic Sentence: Considering the situation of these children living in foster care, it is good to know that there are still those who are willing to take care of these kids.

Body Par: The best way is to give them a chance to prove how worthy they are as parents. Supporting Body Par: Even if they are gays or lesbians, it doesn’t mean that their capacity to be good parents is diminished. Explanation: The topic sentence opens up a discussion on a related issue found in the article. In the example sentence, it talks about how there are still some people who are willing to extend a helping hand for the children living in foster care. This is further explained by the body paragraph which states that it is better to give them a chance in being responsible parents.

The body paragraph is then strengthened by the supporting sentence. In this case, it is supported by saying that the capacity of being a parent is not diminished by being gay or lesbian. Question 4: The dominant issue that I want to take care in this essay is about how the article ignored the fact that there are also incidents of straight parents which are irresponsible, lazy, and abusive. This is to show the readers that no matter what gender, there would always be an occurrence of something which is not pleasing. This is to back up the issue on gay parents which allegedly affected thei children negatively.