Fundamentally United State Navy

Fundamentally United State Navy is the division of United State armed forces. Currently United State navy have around 333,127 personnel on active duty and about 124,000 working class in navy reserve, it have 282 sips which are currently operating and more than 3,700 aircraft as well. During world war two, United State Navy face several threats and problems, as it was also the initial days of formation of Naval System, at that time Navy fail to provide their efforts.

One of the well-known authors gave his words and states “The war (of 1812) had clearly revealed that the Navy was both inadequately administered and too weak to protect American interests. Something would have to be done about both of these defects. ” (Hans J. Massaquoi, 2007) Harry Truman gave his statement regarding these threats that “Events have brought our American democracy to new influence and new responsibilities.

They will test our courage, our devotion to duty, and our concept of liberty. ” (Chambers JW, 1999) FORMATION OF US NAVY: – This force initiated its services on Friday October 13 in the year 1775; in Philadelphia this moment was the original legislation out of which was the birth of US Navy. In the same year America for the first time took up their arms to defend their privileges within the boundary of the British Empire.

To establish the services in superior approach the Continental Congress segmented liabilities among central government for the colonies, formed the Continental Army, declared some laws and regulation which had to be followed in order to boost the services, issued number of papers to support troops and formed a committee to negotiate on diverse issues and to avoid the communication barrier with other foreign countries. Within a few days, US Navy grew into significant forces.

The committee facilitates the Navy soon after its formation and purchased the first ship for this new navy and ordered government to pursue the rules and regulation declared at the time of formation of US Navy to utilize the first purchased ship. The Congress approved the formation of US Navy in 1789. In 1794 it was declared that the naval affairs of US navy are the liability of Department Of War. United State formed a separate department to look after the US Navy services on 30 April 1798 and declared this department as Department of Navy.

This department was formed exclusively for the staffed, handling naval affairs and issues. In the initial days, US navy formed a special Naval Warfare center, Phil H. Bucklew formed this center and for his contributions in enhancing US Navy he was also declared as, the Founder of Navy Special Warfare. Special trainings were given to the US Navy staff in September 1942 at ATB Little Creek. This workshop comprised of concentrated classes on demolitions, explosive cable cutting and commando raiding practices as well.

In the year 1916, an Act was formed which had some laws and regulations that had to be followed by the US Naval system, according to this Act Naval System was segmented into following six parts, first segment was declared as “The Fleet Naval Reserve”, second was named as “The Naval Reserve”, third part of naval system was “The Naval Auxiliary Reserve. ” Similarly fourth segment was named as “The Naval Coast Defense Reserve”, fifth part was “The Volunteer Naval Reserve” and finally the sixth part were declared as” Naval Reserve Flying Corps. ”

From the initial days of US Navy, this working class plays a vital role in battles, conflict and different operations as well. Naval system serve there nation from periods, since there primary days they are facilitating US in many aspects. In the year 1775 Revolutionary war was the initial war in which US Navy gave their services, this war continues for over seven years, from that era till yet US Navy serve there nation, recently in the year 2001 Global War against Terrorism was fought in which Naval system of United State took active part, and provide there assistance in order to succeed this war which is the foremost issue in this era.

Following table demonstrates some facts and figures, which represents the continuous assistance of Naval system in United State but this not the closing stages of Naval system in United State there exertion to serve up there nation is a continuous process.