Four Horsemen

1. Banking The Problem with banking is that the banks make money for nothing and loan it to you and charge interest. That is just so absurd, how can they make any amount of money they want for nothing and then charge people interest on their loans. But if someone makes money in their home its considered illegal and people go to jail for it, but banks can make millions of dollars for free and charge people interest on loans, thats a crime all in its self. With the bank pumping money into the system it is causing everything to go up like, Homes, Cars, Etc…

Many people dont even believe that banks are doing this and have been doing this for a long time. The government doesnt want to change the banking lobbying becuase they are to strong, they blame the people by saying its their fault or their wage claims are too high. Only the goverment has the access to issue fiat money, and the banks loan it to people, with the money growth being very well the goverment and the banks get first dibs of the money so they can get things cheap, which causes spectulative bubbles becuase prices rise.

When the money falls all the way down to people with fixed incomes, incomes, people with savings they cant afford it so they have to back to the banks which causes them more debt, which the gulf between the rich and poor gets bigger and bigger and bigger. In america today debt is rising faster than people can make they money. 97 percent of the money in the world is debt. 2. Economics. The goverment is encouring people to go into debt, know while that is going on government spending is going up. Seems pretty fishey that they want the american people to be in debt, so that they can spend more money.

Bill Clinton denied the glass steagle act so that banks can do what ever they liked with the money. When people lose at casino people lost jobs and the banks got bigger and were unstoppable. The banks were threating becuase if they didnt get the money thats it, to them its give us the money or else. Socialism got the banks out of jams becuase the goverment saved them from their mistakes, but on the other hand the poor pay for the riches mistakes. They also cut interest rates so that people would be more inclined to borrow money but by doing that it caused inflation which made prices skyrocket.

In the 2007 crash goldman sachs sold worthless mortagages and making billion profits from it. They sold junk mortagages and bet they would fail, and know people are getting screwed and their making tons of profit, They even lied and said they were not doing any of this, know their back even bigger and better and richer than ever before. There are people out their that think wealth should be shared, I agree but what can we do to change this, the rich cannot control their greed and i personally think that the rich is crippling the economy.

Then the banks are saying if we get rich than you will get rich, thats a bunch of bull, once the money travels all the way down the pyramid the poor get screwed and the rich get everything. The rich and the banks control everything becuase they control all of the money, which is digging the poor into a deeper and deeper hole, which will result in people losing their homes and jobs and their whole way of life becuase of greed. 3. Resources ” The things you own, end up owning you” The population has tripled over the past years, but people isnt the only thing has grown, cars, homes, etc… with that growth poverty grows as well.

Things become more expensive and people below the poverty line cannot afford it and end up going broke and becoming poor. The worlds resources are being exausted at an alarming pace, water is going down and fossil fuels are predicted to be gone by 2025. The baby boom generation did not look on future generations and with that decison its hurting us now. This is crazy that are resources that are beneficial to our life and to our economy are dwendling before our eyes. The growth economy is growing and for some reason anti-depressants are growing at a rapid rate.

People buy things so that they can look good for other people, they care to much about what other people think, so they go out and buy million dollar homes and six figure cars, have giant tvs and have expensive clothing. The reason this is happening becuase people like people more than money. The say the human project is failing in the west becuase people are being pushed to be so successful and it doesnt matter how you get their it just matters that you acheive high goals. People are pursuing themselves, which they shouldnt, instead they should pursue outside themselves, becuase if they keep pursuing themselves they will end up in the abyss.