Formation of New States in India

The last few days, oh months there has been a great debate on the formation of a seperate state ,of Telengana from Andhra Pradesh. The people are revolting, doing dharnas, fasting, violence,students have joined the movement for the formation of the state. The politics on the issue have also been active on the same issue. Sadly many people have also done suicide for the demand of formation of the state. The central government finally have agreed and formed a committee to review and start the process of the formation of Telengana, we may see a new independent state if everything goes on well names Telengana.

Demand for separate States

With the government appointing a committee for the assessment of the formation of new states, the other parts of the country have also been demanding the separate small states. The first attempt was done by GJM i to declare the Darjileeng area as “Gorkhaland” with Capital Siliguri. For this, 21 young activists of Gorkha Janamukti Morcha(GJM) started indefinite fasting and processions in the district of Darjeeling.

This movement of separation was follwed by Uttarpradesh where voices raised for declaration of 3 different states namely Poorvanchal, Harit Pradesh demanded by RLD and Bundelkhand demanded by BMM.The demand for separate Vidarbh fromMaharashtra has been from long. There have been voices for the demand of Saurashtra as a separate state in Gujarat. These demands have emerged as a result of the government decision on Telengana.

Does Small States means better governance

The people are demanding for small states on the basis that the governance is better. The state gets better accessibility to funds and government schemes which is not happening in large states. For instance, a person has to move to Lucknow if he is UP for the High Court, a small state will result in better accountability and efficiency to run the state. We have seen separate states in past.

There are positive outcome of the division like Punjab, Haryana, HP, Uttrakhand, Gujarat, where they have grown faster than their parent state, whereas at the same time there is negative outcome has also seen as in case of Jharkhand, where the past CM ahs done the biggest scam in the country and state has become more poor, Chattisgadh have also been facing the problem of Naxals after separation.

The separation of the state is not a problem for our country, but the issue is if it is separated then it has to be run by a able leader and the politicians must not take mileage out of the feelings of the people. The people of India are now smart enough to understand that. The formation of the state are also going to disturb a lot, now it is on the government and the committee for the assessment of formation of new states to take a decision in the favour of the people of the nation….