Foreign Policy

In the course of the 21st century, many individuals had been aware of the incidents of the issues regarding the environment. Most of the incidents which had been experienced by people around the world had been mostly negative for the environment is slowly deteriorating. In the continuing issues which investigates the situation of the world’s environment it is obvious that the world is in a dangerous state. There are varieties of natural disasters which usually does not cause drastic accidents or deaths of hundreds and thousands of people.

But now, people are seemingly experiencing various disastrous moments with nature. Few of the examples were the tsunamis in different parts of the world such as the Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami which hit the South East Asian Region during 2006. If observed, such natural disasters do not usually occur in the locations of the affected area. Therefore, change in the movement of the climate as well as the temperature of the earth is an important factor which causes disturbance in terms of the global climate (UNEP, n. p. ). Climate Change

The change in climate had brought about variety of diseases which had been a pandemic in the whole world. The AH1N1 (WHO, n. p. ) virus or swine flu is threatening the lives of different individuals. This disease is airborne, therefore making different individuals much unknowingly vulnerable of the disease. Although there are measures being done by the World Health Organization, a stronger resolution to this plague which seems to slowly affect the health of people must be done. Most of the scientists have studied that diseases are one of the leading results of the having the issue of climate change.

Moreover, such issue must be given a higher regard for it will weaken the labor and economic capability of the country. In dealing with all of these kinds of concerns it is very much known in the international community that global warming is not only a case of few states but a collective issue which must be addressed in cooperation with all the countries in the world. Due to this the issue of climate change it is a concern of all, it is a must be mitigated in order to create solutions regarding the problem.

In order to have a resolution there must be a strong foreign policy regarding the environment which will encompass all the activities which is hazardous to the environment. Similar to the conferences of the Rio Earth Summit, the Kyoto Protocol and the likes, there must be one convention in which all the problems of the environment would be given resolution. Problems with regards to air pollution, land pollution, water pollution, excessive use of natural resources, mining, and etc. must be given highlight for it these issues are the reason greatest reason for the global warming (UNFCCC, n. p; UN, n. p. ).