First Amendment Project

The First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees free speech and expression to the public and to their government. It preserves the right of government and individuals to deliver truth to the nation and to communicate popular and individual opinions to the government. What if there were no First Amendment and no freedom of speech and publication? A military officer killed Jung Hee Park, president of South Korea, on Oct. 26 1979, creating instability in that political system. Under this scenario, a military coup was perpetrated by Doo Hwan Chun, who seized power in an instant.

The people of South Korea then became disgruntled and a demonstration of their unrest spread throughout the populace. However, all involved in the demonstration of their dissatisfaction were charged with resisting arrest. On May 18 1980, a large-scale Democratic movement was instituted in Gwangju, where military units blocked the city in reaction and the people’s democratic protest. This occurrence was named the “518 Event. ” Militia forced students to refrain from attending school and, further, shot the students who demonstrated against military and other injustices.

As a tragic result, many civilians were unjustly killed, with no one to help them. 2 Mr. Chun led South Korea to this terrible tragedy and feared what people would say about this bloodletting. In cowardice, he did not speak the truth, but stated that those killed by military units were actually North Korean spies. The media reacted to this statement by widely broadcasting the untruth as fact. No one knew the truth until everyone who resisted the dictatorial power of Chun was murdered. On May 27 1980, the truth was finally released to the world, but many people were already fatally victimized.

The 518 Event and the First Amendment both have valuable meaning for my county. The movie based on the 518 Event was released last year and delivered the truth to the youth of South Korea. If there were no freedom of speech and publication, our society would be completely unsociable and restrictive, even deadly. I think the freedom of speech and publication must be secured to ensure a transparent political system.

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