Firearm violence

Another major issue that contributes to the increasing rates of death which are related to firearm violence is the regulation of these firearm products. It is also indicated in the gun violence fact sheet that the products provided by these firearms manufacturing companies are not that well controlled. Actually according to the fact sheet, products like toy guns and teddy bears are highly more regulated and controlled compared to the standardization level imposed to the firearm products especially the handguns.

In America, The Bureau of Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) is the division which deals with the issuance of licenses to firearm manufacturers and dealers, and in order to acquire these licenses these dealers and manufacturers only need to meet a minimal level of requirements meaning it is very easy for them to have this licenses which in fact should be issued more strictly and meticulously.

In spite of that reports showed that there are no federal regulatory agencies and not even the ATF or even the Consumer Product Safety Commission possesses the power to necessitate the smallest amount of design and standards for safety on locally manufactured firearm products. In America only the states California and Massachusetts have been able to impose safety and design criterions that would not allow within their states the selling and manufacturing of the firearms that do not succeed in meeting those certain standards prepared by their government.

Gun violence in the metropolitan areas all over the world is as we see rampant. And as we know it the issues that have been discussed are the issues or factors that are difficult to straighten up. For no clear reason people living in these areas often tend to depend on this kind of weapons for self defense, and it is one of the major reasons why these firearms continue to exist, and in connection to its existence the criminals usually pick them as their weapon of choice.

In a world like ours, where violence could not be controlled totally, there should be strong rules and regulations to be implemented correctly to lessen this increasing gun related violence happening. People starting from childhood should be educated more about the benefits but should also be warned about the obvious consequences and responsibilities of the possession of a gun. This could be the best way to lessen up the crimes involving gun violence, especially in the metropolitan areas. Or we may say that this is our last resort.


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