Fidelity Investment

The continuous growth of Fidelity Investment has led to the improvement of its reputation in the market. The company has gained the trust of its investors and has gradually attracted other investors to its fold. In 2005, Forbes Magazine has ranked Fidelity Investments as the 14th largest private firm in the world. This distinction is important because it shows the extent of growth that the firms has experienced over the years. Its participation in stock trading has made Fidelity Investments a major player in the market.

Unlike before, the firm was confined in the industry of mutual funds. Stretching its operations to the stock market strengthened its position in the industry. The benefits of being in the elite of the industry are huge for the company. It has allowed the company to reach more deals and become acquainted to the various market players. Such distinction also makes Fidelity Investment a prime target for partnerships. The stock deals being facilitated by the firm will continue to increase. Its position in the market will suggest that it has the capacity to sustain its growth.

The operations of Fidelity Investment have expanded immensely. From the domestic firm, Fidelity has established several chains worldwide. Its main office is still in the U. S but satellite offices are established in key cities abroad. The firm has targeted the biggest markets and built backroom operations there. At present, the company houses 47,000 employees. It is constantly voted as the top employer in the world. This means that Fidelity Investments is dedicated to expand its operations. Further, the company has commissioned outsourced subsidiaries in other points of the world.

The presence of the stocks in the operations of Fidelity Investment has made it more dynamic. Aside from stocks, the company also invests in other forms of assets and securities. The company has slowly learned to make the most out of the available financial products. Moreover, the investors of the firms have also changed. Unlike before, Fidelity Investments is already catering the needs to investors from other parts of the world. Conclusion It is evident that venturing into stock brokerage is a major breakthrough for Fidelity Investments.

Although there are risks involved, the rewards remain high to be ignored. The value of the stock market is high at this point in time. Making the most out of it will provide positive returns for the company. The financial gains from this strategy are an important consideration for Fidelity Investments. Based on the company figures, revenues have increased annually and targets were reached. These financial gains have allowed Fidelity Investments to channel its operations to the other parts of the world.

The stock market is one of the best sources of revenues. Domestically, the U. S. stock market has been robust despite uncertainties. The world stock market is also booming because of the European Union and China. These developments culminate the necessity for Fidelity Investments to grasp the stock market. In addition, the firm’s decision to serve as stock broker has made it available to the growing stock investors. These range from individuals with capital and institutional investors that seek to improve their wealth.

It is now exposed to a market that provides high return than mutual funds. Since Fidelity Investment explores stock brokerage, the company has experienced growth in all aspects. The pool of assets it manages has increased to all time highs. Moreover, operations have expanded to the U. S. and it has several subsidiaries where its services are outsourced. The funds it handles have grown to 300 in 2006. Finally, its reputation in the market has improved making it the 14th biggest private company in the world.