Federal goverment

Federal government is when the power is divided between the states and the government, giving them both equal powers. This form of government balances out the power and should keep each other in check. The federal laws are over the state laws. In theory, this form of government should work well, but we run into issues when deciding what should be governed by the states and what is a federal issue. There have been many instances where state laws and federal laws conflict. For example, the Washington state law allowing recreational marijuana. At the state level, people can use recreational marijuana, but this is still a federal law.

This is a conflicting issue. Also, the death penalty is an issue between the state and federal government. The death penalty is right now a state law, varying state by state. But, many people wish to make it a federal law to ban/allow the death penalty. My personal opinion is that there should be less federal power and more state government. The issue I find with the federal form of government is that we all effected by the federal laws, but it effects everyone differently.

Someone living in Kansas has different needs for different laws then someone who lives in Alaska. While I agree that something’s like speed limits should be federal laws, I believe that most power should go to the states. People should have the right to be governed by people that live in the same area. To conclude, the federal form of government is divided power between the states and the federal government. This results many times in conflicting issues. To resolve this issue, I believe that the states should have more power over their people. Everyone should have the right to be governed be a government that knows the needs of its people. smith, mary. american government. 1. upper saddle river, new jersey: prentice hall, 2002. Print.