Factors in Favor of and Against

People have discussed lowering the legal drinking age ever sense the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984, passed by the United States congress. ( From Wikipedia(2013). Seems like ever sense, there has been people to argue reasons why it should be lowered. There are many arguments with the age factor alone. (1) A person is allowed to join up with the army, and engage in battle at the age of 18. (2) You are permitted to get married, and start a family at the age of 18. (3) You are permitted to get a job, and pay your own bills before the age of 18.

(4) A person faces the death penalty and other serious charges long before turning 21. (5) You are obligated for jury duty, and help decide the fate of another at the age of 18. (6) At 18 you help decide on the people in which are best suited to run the state you live in and those who run the entire country by voting. In my opinion many people want the drinking age to be lowered because when you turn 18 you are considered as an adult, in addition you are treated as one as well.

People also believe that if drinking were legal at 18 most would take responsible steps in staying out of trouble with the law, and others by drinking at home with their friends, and not haft to go out of their way to sneak it from their parents and law enforcement. However like everything else this is a two sided argument in which many people believe that a person just is not ready to drink until they are 21. So the reasons why we should not lower the legal drinking age goes as followed.

(1) If consumed too early in life drinking will not let your brain properly develop. (2) People are not mature enough to drink till 21, some even longer. (3) This would mean that kids in high school would be able to purchase alcohol, which would allow even younger parties to receive it from their school mates. (4) D. U. Is and other traffic violations would be something to take into consideration. A drunken teenager just is not mature enough to have a drink and NOT drive. Factors In Favor of and Against 3 (5) Drinking alcohol is one good way to poison your liver.

(6) Let’s just say the legal age was 18. What would make this stop, it wouldn’t be long before 16 year olds would want to drink, and if a person was to start drinking this young I believe that they would pick up many lifelong disadvantages, in their health, work, and all around outlook in life. So dropping the age limit on this issue, in my belief would just start even more under aged/illegal drinking. While listing the reasons to drop the legal drinking age I was thinking as a teen may, and trying to justify reasoning.

One, ok you will let me go into battle and possibly kill someone but after words you are not going to let me try to kill this pain with a drink. Continuing on was getting married, and starting a family. In the eyes of a young man doing this “what would it hurt” for me to have a drink and celebrating my new family. The other reasons I listed are responsibilities that everyone faces growing up, I tried to list them in importance. As a young man may go and face a hard day’s work, in his mind there is absolutely nothing wrong with going home and having a drink, possibly with his new family.

(This was the way I tried to look at this issue). The person’s brain is the most important thing in my opinion. If their brain is not running right, naturally they will not do things “right”, and if a person drounds it with booze they don’t stand much of a chance for a well-developed brain. Then from there I went with the most important first, if kids in high school are able to purchase alcohol, the probability of them buying for someone under the age would be pretty high.

Then what, not only would we have underage drinking, but we would also have drunk teenagers with a license out there drinking and driving. I know if they were asked they would promise you up and down they were mature enough not to drink and drive, however as I stated earlier, I know people in their 30’s that probably shouldn’t be allowed to drink because of their thinking mentality, and I personally know victims of drunk driving.

So with all of this in perspective, yes I believe we should change the legal drinking age, but I believe it should be changed to 25 and not 18. Factors In Favor of and Against 4 Reference page Should the United States lower their drinking age from 21 to 18? /debate. org retrieved from: www. debate. org Age act of 1984 retrieved from how to develop an engulf and devour argument/on AOL answers aolanswers. com.