EYMP: 1 context and principles for early years provision

Promote communication in health, social care or children’s and young people settings 4. 1 As a practitioner I must follow Data protection |Act 1998. It is very important when working with children, young people and parents any information they give me, I must keep it confidentiality. Parents or young children their self will give me information which must not be shared around. It is very important not to leave any important documents lying about to prevent anyone from taking any records home and prevent breach of confidentiality as a person’s friend etc. gets to see them. In my setting we got a data protection system on our computer where we store everyone’s confidential information and we will only discus information about a child to the appropriate member of staff, if I feel they are at risk or in any danger.

‘Confidentiality is about trust. As we want parents, carers, children and other professionals to share information with us, it is essential that we are able to keep it confidential. ’ {Children & Young people’s Workforce Early Learning & Childcare page 15 Penny Tassoni} 4.

All information must be kept confidential, unless there were concerns about a child’s welfare or a child has been abuse etc. When breaching confidentiality it is important that I must follow the procedures to protect the welfare of a child. ‘In this way partial confidentiality is retained so that other members of staff, parents etc will not necessarily know anything about the concerns that have been raised. ’ {Children & Young People Workforce Early Learning & Childcare page 17 Penny Tassoni}.