Exxon Sustainability Plan

The project will be operating in Commonwealth Water. The company is required to complete the Environmental Assessment Process that is administered by Ministry of Resources and Energy to make sure it is an environmentally sound operation and to complies with the Offshore Mineral Act.

There was a horrific accident at The Deepwater Horizon which is a wakeup call to the whole industry. There was so much damage not only to the company’s bottom line and reputation but also to the environment and life of animals that habitat around affected shorelines. Father more, people who live in the affected areas have severely lost their earning opportunity. From this accident, ExxonMobil works diligently to produce energy responsibly.

The company improves its drilling technics, focuses operation efficiency, strengthens procedure of spill prevention programs, ensures sufficient fresh water for operation purposes, as well as reduces greenhouse gas emissions in order to combat the climate change. The company estimates that the cost of preventing environmental impact is normally much lower than the cost of recovery once it happens. It takes years for damaging areas to restore to the prior stage, sometimes it is not event possible.

According to submission the company submitted to the Environmental Department, Exxon Mobil has studied all the possibility that could directly or indirect impact on environmental matters such as, air, water, local community, Threatened species, as well as the World Heritage Site. Exxon Mobile has developed a set of environmental standards that apply and implement to the new project to ensure that all potential impacts are under control and eliminated, if possible. These standards includes impacts of the air emission management, water management, discharge management, marine geophysical operations and local community management.

The impact on Threaten species are not consider to be significant, according to the study of Exxon Mobile. The company have looked at the criteria outlined in government policy whether or not the impacts on Threaten species are critical. They found that the effect is temporary and will not harm the habitation or ecological functions of the species. The project will not likely to introduce new diseases or invasive species to the native species. The nearest World Heritage Site is the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage area which located about 220km away south from the project site. Given that distance, there will not be significant impact on the world heritage site. The worst case scenario studied by Exxon Mobile

shows that if there was the case of hydrocarbons spill, all those surface and dissolved hydrocarbon concentration that have the potential to impact on flora and fauna would not be able to reach either the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area or nearby shorelines. Overall, the project is not likely to have any significant impacts on any national environmental concern. Key environmental aspects and associated impacts have been identified and management approaches of all matters have been set to be applied when the project take place.

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