EXXON Financial Ratios

Exxon Mobile started their business in 1859 in Titusville Pennsylvania, being in business for over 125 years it makes them one of the first big oil corporations in the US. The multi-billion dollar company currently operates in an international level around the world. The oil industry is a billion dollar industry which is highly competitive in the market, but Exxon has been able to stay highly active and competitive within the industry.

Exxons financial statements do look promising comparing them to the Oil Industry, while Exxon Mobil Oil corporation is one of the leading companies in its Industry when we look at the company’s 2014 Financial statement we see they have dropped their numbers within the past few years. Their best year thus far was in 2011 with a total revenue of over 467 billion giving them a solid leading ratio within its industry. Now analyzing Exxon Mobil’s 2014 Financial statements and balance sheets, we are able to see where the company has lacked in financial management.

For instance its solvency current ratio stands at a 0.95 while the leading numbers in the industries are between 2.3 to 1.2, the company is not in all bad terms because it is profitable but comparing it to its industry we see they fall on a lower level in the solvency ratio. Efficiency Ratios for Exxon are currently at 30.20 which puts Exxon in the median level ratio in the industry, upper levels range between 12.8 and 26.1 for 2014 within the industry. This shows us that Exxon efficiency has room for growth. Now we look at Exxon’s profitability ratio that stands at a high 8.8 based on its industry. The company is highly profitable regardless of its solvency and efficiency ratios. It is a promising leading company.