External influences

A range of college competitors for Chelmsford College include Braintree, Southend, Writtle, and Colchester. They also compete with sixth form at local schools. They would compete for location, transport and a range of courses. A range of competitors for Tesco include Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Aldi, Lidl, Asda, Iceland, Waitrose, Somerfield and Marks & Spencers. They also compete with small local groups e. g. Spar. They compete for location, availability, range of products and the Price of products.

Many supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl have had rapid increase in the past few years introducing cheap prices which has competes with Tesco. The introduction of M&S simply food outlets have meant there is more competition because there are little stores across England which are easy to get to and have a lot of useful everyday foods inside. These stores compete because they have the same kind of products and to sell them at different prices. If they fail to compete with the other stores they will lose their customer which then they would lose their status as one of the worlds biggest stores.

This could result in the value of their shares going down. Economic Conditions This can affect Tesco because if the economy is doing well it means that customers are spending more meaning that Tesco are selling more products meaning that they are making a bigger profit. This means that Tesco is able to expand and as a result of expanding it means that there would be more jobs available to the public. The disadvantage for Tesco is if the economy is doing badly which would mean that the public would not be able to pay back money.

Tesco would then have to cut prices to try and get the customers to spend as much money as they can. Even though they would have to cut prices Tesco has kept track that sales and customer numbers has increased even through the challenging market. There are two aspects that would affect Tesco these include the interest rates in percentage. This is the cost of borrowing money. Interest rates will increase if the rate of inflation is too high. The other aspect that would affect Tesco is the price levels.

If they rise Tesco will have to pay more for their goods and raw materials. Economic conditions can affect Chelmsford College because if the economy is doing well then the government will have more money available to fund the college. If the economy is doing badly the government will have less money to fund Chelmsford College. Environmental Constraints This is to do with the environment and includes sound pollution, air pollution, water pollution, traffic congestion, safety hazards and a wasteful use of resources.

This may affect the way Tesco run as a business because it means that they will have to locate their stores in a sufficient place because they will have to look out for traffic congestion. Chelmsford College would also have to look out for traffic congestion and making sure the transport would be alright to get there. Swot Analysis A swot analysis is taken on businesses to mark the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the business. This swot analysis should show where Tesco stands as a business.