Examining law court operation

Former Gurkhas win compensation – In this case the Gurkhas had fought in the Second World War, being loyal to Britain taking severe punishment from Japanese. The Gurkhas challenged the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in the high court. The Gurkhas won their battle for victims of unequal treatment and racial discrimination. As it was a civil case and MoD was guilty and a settlement in damages is awarded. In this case the Gurkhas were awarded 10,000 each.

Princess Royal fined over dog attack – In the case of Princess Anna, whilst out walking her two dogs in public off leads, one of the dogs bite two young children, leaving both children traumatised and injured. The relatives of the boys involved in the attacks, took Princess Anna to Magistrates court for the charge of that one of her dogs had attacked two children. Princess Anna pleaded guilty, as it was a civil case, of the reasons that the boys families took Princess Anna to court she had to pay a number of consequences.

Princess Anna has been fined 500 compensation that will be split between the two boys involved. Organise training for the animal and pay 148 court costs, furthermore to keep the animal on a lead whilst walking. Accident man loses damages claim – Mr Finch attempted to take Mrs Heywood Kenny to the high court for being hit by a car after the pub had closed. The only incidence that tempted the way Judge Crowley verdict was that Mr Finch had drunk sixteen vodka and cokes before the sudden impulse to set off across the road at the same time as Mrs Heywood Kenny drove past at 25mph.

Due to Mr Finch suffering from poor short-term memory and numerous other problems due to severe brain injury, he tried to take Mrs Heywood Kenny to court to claim she was in the wrong. Due to the civil case and no blame being attached nether party claimed or lost anything. Criminal Cases US Court jails Wearside father – Mr Frawley had repeatedly tried to abduct his sin, from his former wife. Not only abducting but also attacking his wife, who spent $80,000 tracking him down for their son.

Mr Frawley was sentenced to a high security prison for the remainder of his son's child hood. Although Mr Frawley still faces charges of attempted kidnapping and aggravated assault on a police officer. Two jailed over training fraud – Two men committed fraud by awarding dodgy qualifications in vehicle and maintenance and repair. After a trial at Stoke Crown Court two men were sentenced to jail for up to three years, three other men were given community service and one a six-month curfew order.

The sentence given wasn't strict enough, due to their fraud, innocent people risk their lives, with who members of the public thought they were genuine mechanics. Furthermore the mechanics thought they were experienced. In addition 150 people lost their jobs. During the sentence in jail, I would withdraw any attempts to join workshop whist in prison. Child killer given 50-year term – Mr Hughes raped and murdered a schoolgirl of the age of seven, after abducting her from a tent of which she was sleeping in, in her uncle's garden.

He was given a three life sentences following a trial at Chester Crown court. Mr Hughes will serve at least fifty years behind bars. A legal decision has shown he may get realised before hand due to a new law. The case will now go to parliament. The sentence given to Mr Hughes in my opinion was not strict, for committing two crimes on one young child, I think if it was still visible would some sort of death penalty. Unless he had a mental status, of which is not mentioned. He was fully aware of what he was doing.

Being torture to the family. Police 'powerless' over child car thief – a young child of eleven, has allegedly stolen hundreds of cars over a two-year period. He had appeared in court with taking cars without consent, damaging cars, breaching bail conditions and dangerous driving. In the past the young child has had a nightly curfew and an electronic tagging system, of which both have failed. A child cannot be sentenced until they are twelve, after that they could send him to a detention secure unit.

As in the report the child has had psychiatric reports done on him, which are unconfirmed but this youngster is obviously searching for attention, not only is he frustrating police officers who needn't run around chasing this young lad all the time. If the court had come to some sort of comprise with the child, or make an acceptation for the child as its not his first offence of which they encourage children not to commit again. Women guilty of fatal arson attack – Mrs Telfer set fire to the Moors murder's brother and his younger daughter. Mrs Telfer had taken anti-depressants and alcohol before setting fire to the living room.