Employee relations

The employee relations can be briefly divided in some “factors” i.e.:

1.1. Unionisation

All employees, in every kind of business, are united by “unionisations”, whichare employees’ organisations, created to gain greater power and security at work. In fact union membership can provide greater influence collectively with employers than workers have as separate individuals. Within the hospitality industry, unfortunately, there is a low number of union’s membership for the following reasons: There is a large number of small hotels that make more difficult for the  trade union to organise meetings. There is a high number of young workers and part-time/occasional workers that are not really interested in belonging to trade unions.

There is a large number of foreign people that are working in this  industry in the UK and that are staying here just for short-time periods etc… For example teachers have one of the best trade union in the UK because there are not “secret contract”, there is a large workforce and primarily there is