Elements of High Performance

Explain how a high performance organiztion will benefit from the use of technology we will desrcibe, analyze and examine the different elements that make up a high performance organization. The way this topic is being approached is through exploring how information technology is a key element in a high performance organization. By the use of Information technology and how it plays a very important role strategically in these high performance organizations. Certain examples will be shown and explain how organizations are turned into a high performance organizations.

All these level of performances must have goals and must meet shared visions of other agency. ELEMENTS OF A HIGH PERFORMANCE ORGANIZATION Through this paper we seek to analyze and examine the different elements that make up a high performance organization. The way it will be approached is by exploring how information technology is a key role in the high performance organization. By which elements it will be done. Information technology plays a very important role strategically in these high performance organizations.

Certain suggestions will be shown to turn these organizations into high performance organizations. All these level of performances must have goals and must meet shared visions. They all have different professional settings and by doing this like sharing the visions it will be successful. All organizations employees have to encourage each so that they all can achieve all goals and by accomplishing this, they can reflect on their job performance and personal satisfaction.

Employee performance measures are very important to see how well a employee is doing or to see if that employee is facing any problems. This can benefit the organizations, because the organization would know if its employees are happy or not and it is always beneficial to keep the employees happy. Organizations tend to do matrix studies. These matrix studies helps rate employees on a scale of happiness. The performance evaluation can also determine the how ell a organizations is doing successfully.

Technology is a mayor influence in an organizations effective performance. There are certain elements a high performance organization needs. Employees in organizations have to be in a positive work environment, thus thinking it is a good place to work. Employees should also be ready for any new challenge that could arise or any new innovation. The leaders of the organization must be talent oriented, fair, and clear.

They should be able to promote the right people for the job, make sure that employees understand that their attitude affects their work performance, and make sure that all expectations are clear. They all need to be more superior than others by clarifying performance measures, making sure employees work well together as a team, and giving people or employees the proper training. In the criminal justice system information technology is a key element in identification, apprehension of criminals and fast response in locating information world wide in a matter of seconds.

In most police cases suspect and offenders are entered into the criminal justice system through advanced technology such as surveillance equipment, tracking system, finger print and DNA system that leads to the capture of suspects. New technologies in the criminal justice system gives investigators faster result during investigation and also provides police departments with powerful new capability for the apprehension of criminals in safe and tactical manor.

Since the beginning of organized police work the abilities of local, state and federal law enforcement organization has advanced since the early 19th century were police work only capability of communication was through radios which slowed the line of communication for information on suspects and crimes.

The local, State, and federal law enforcement agencies has been able to cooperate and work together with other agency because of the technological advancement these new technologies has allow agency to contact other agency in other jurisdiction in a matter of seconds to alert them or get information about a suspect. (Gordon P. Whitaker, 1982) Through the use and creation of new advance technologies law enforcement agency has been able to do a number of things with inside their own organization as well as other agency to increase the performance of officers and other employees in the criminal justice system.

The use of high performance technology has allowed law enforcement and criminal justice organization to become more effective and increase the work performance in employees.

Through the use of technology the criminal justice system has improved the effectiveness and efficiency through the increasing data that is collected over years. The information that has been collected over the years and compressed into computerized data that keeps records for the use of criminal justice agency. Certain programs and system that has been created because of the advancement of technology and these system consist of many different functions that allow other agency to work together to increase the performance and efficiency of their organization.

For example the national crime information center also known as the (NCIC) is one of the larges criminal justice database that contain of 19 million records thats are directly related to convicted felons, wanted criminals nation wide, missing person and a detail description of stolen items such as vehicles, license plates, and stolen guns which allow multiple criminal justice agency to work together to achieve the same goal and thats to protect the communities they serve. (Ford, S. R.2012).

The use of technology has allowed law enforcement organization to become more proactive inside their organization as well in the streets were the crimes occur. Being a high performance organization requires the employees to become very efficient in their line of work. In order for organizations to be successful they have to have certain management skills in order to operate correctly. “Performance management is the systematic process by which an agency involves its employees, as individuals and members of a group, in improving organizational effectiveness in the accomplishment of agency mission and goals.

Employee performance management includes: planning work and setting expectations, continually monitoring performance, developing the capacity to perform, periodically rating performance in a summary fashion, and rewarding good performance. Great care was taken to ensure that the requirements those regulations establish would complement and not conflict with the kinds of activities and actions practiced in effective organizations as a matter of course. ” (UOPM, 2009) In today’s society technology is one of the most important and predominant things.

Since technology is always changing and growing organizations could be growing or braking thanks to this. Technology offers stability to an organization in the, “high-performance businesses regard IT as a source of both operational excellence and competitive advantage. They look beyond using IT as a tool for controlling costs, and understand that IT is the link for capturing the business value of information. However, the strategic use of IT demands far more than just a strategy and leading-edge systems.

Top management must recognize that IT true benefit, it is and enabler of innovation and new value creation and that this benefit will be realized only when employees use IT intensively and creatively. ” (Beene, Thomas. 2004) The ability of organizations being able to give to it’s employees competitive standards, skill building, and employee training is all thanks to technology. Technology and high performances go one with the other to for successful and high performance organizations to occur. For an organization to be fully successful it must achieve all the goals and elements that were determined at the beginning.

The majority of these elements are as simple as all sharing and communicating the same vision. Encourage all employees to be independent and achieve all their personal goals and getting great performance reviews therefore being more productive in the organizations. Also, organizations should be implementing new and innovative technologies. Also implement new technologies. Organizations should be letting their employees know that all their great efforts and goal achieving is paying off and they can continue to give them new technology to use at work. References Beene. T, Thomas. R (2004).

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