Electronic communication

E-mail, telephone, touch tone, mobile, text message, Internet, Intranet, fax and video conferencing can all be used as electronic communications. Hobson's use all of these but Mr. K. Day does not use fax, video conferencing, touch tone and the Intranet. E-mails advantages and disadvantages: E-mail is cheap and is very quick and a good communication for Hobson's and Mr. K. Day. If e-mails are confidential then someone can hack into their account and read the e-mails and if Hobson's and Mr. K. Day are deleting e-mails they may accidentally delete an important e-mail.

Telephones advantages and disadvantages: Hobson's and Mr. K. Day can both communicate a lot quicker. They can also communicate quicker abroad. This communication is also easier for customers to communicate with Hobson's and Mr. K. Day. Hobson's and Mr. K. Day may forget the conversation that they had and if the telephone call is confidential than someone may be listing to the conversation. Touch-Tones advantages and disadvantages: Touch-tone is easier for customers and will save Hobson's a lot of money, as they do not need to pay a wage for people on the phones. Customers will be angry with the phone call as it may take a long time and also cost customers a lot of money.

Mobiles advantages and disadvantages: Hobson's and Mr. K. Day can pick up a mobile or receive a text message at any time. This one of the most best forms of communication for both Hobson's and Mr. K. Day. Customers may get angry at the phone bill and if the phone call and text message is confidential may read the text message or listen to the phone call. The Internets advantages and disadvantages: Hobson's and A&B can both advertise on the Internet and can also search for other rival business and see what the rivals are offering. The Internet may crash or be slow and rival business can find out what Hobson's and A&B are advertising.

The Intranets advantages and disadvantages: Messages and information can be posted and accessed by employees quicker than a notice board. The Intranet is restricted to employees and Hobson's and it may crash or the system may go down. Faxes advantage and disadvantages: Faxes can be received quicker than a letter. Faxes can be lost if Hobson's receive a lot of them and a fax is also slower than a phone call. Video conferences advantages and disadvantages: Video conferencing is cheaper than making a trip abroad and is also at a better quality than web-cam. Video conferencing equipment is very expensive.

Sharing common data. A way of sharing common data is using a database. Ways of making people know of this information is linking computer systems to certain departments. Mr. K. Day only needs to use one computer so all his information will be kept on that one computer. A computer may have finance information on it. This information will need to be linked to the finance department. Information kept on customers on a computer would need to be linked to the research and development department and so on. This system is very expensive but reliable.

Security systems: Cameras should be linked to computers. Cameras can also be linked to video recorders so they can tape the days they are opened. Hobson's use the system called Back-Up copies. Back-Up copies are copies of the days saved to floppy disc or CDs and also saved on the hard drive and a videotape. Passwords should be kept on all confidential files in Hobson's. Both Hobson's and Mr. K. Day need to have alarms on their properties. This is because they don't want their property broken into and gear nicked from them, as this could be costly.