The effect media of crime

The effect media of crime is that people seem to think T. V. shows and music have a lot to do with crimes. Gangs provoked a lot of violence. They were poorly unsupervised men and they came up from the ghetto.

Rape music and violent show on TV. was also the cause of violence. As of today yes I do think that these factors still cause violence as of today. Kids are watching what happens on TV. and think it’s okay to do. For example: the Columbine Shooting when the kid opened fire on a lot of kids.

This started going on all over the place. I feel like things in the world today have not changed very much actually I feel like it has got even more violent. People are killing people just to do it. There are so many crimes that are happening and going unsolved. Kids are getting evolved in the streets.

There are so many factors that play a part of violence in the world of today from music, growing up with very little as to not having a positive figure in your life. The world is so filled with violence and we don’t know were to start.