Effect of Broken Family in the Society

The most common problem in a broken family is the infidelity of either of the two parties involved or financial problems. It is highly observed that children from a broken family tends to be un trustful of others, they do not get along very well with other children. Besides this problem in socializing, sometimes they are also prone to keep problems for themselves because they feel that they do not have someone whom they can trust.

The most recent statistics show that half of all marriages end in divorce. While this statistic has been highly disputed, the simple fact that divorces have become common place is true. Marriages are often begun without any intent of a long term commitment. The divorce rate has risen exponentially as has child crime. While there may not be a direct connection between the two, broken marriages often create children with emotional disorders and feelings of inadequacy. Often the children of broken marriages feel that they are the cause for the breakup of their parents.

Divorces and separations often place the children in single parent homes. While that alone is not harmful, most single parents must work often to provide enough money for their children. This usually means that the children do not spend as much time with their parents as they should, and this often leads to a child or children that feel isolated from and forgotten by their parents. The broken family is a problem in modern society.