Economic equity

It is a general belief that the unequal distribution of wealth and resources can produce conflict within society. Inequality has been prevalent for many years but was generally not considered a social problem. People around the world are becoming more and more aware of the gap between the rich and the poor. With the assistance of the government the rich seem to be getting richer while the poor are remaining poor therefore widening the gap. Economic inequality seems to be at the heart of all societies. As the economy changes, whether gradually or suddenly, it seems to have an effect on all classes of people.

I feel that it would be crazy to think that true economic equality will ever occur, despite the many attempts, due to the many factors which are dependent on one each other in one way or another. The poor deserves much more then welfare, they deserve the chance of becoming wealthy and success. The government has a duty to help the poor and to get rid of minimum wage laws the prevent the poor from being trained in their first jobs. Helping the poor by not supporting laws that keep the poor out of the market.

The United States is one of the most helping generous nations on earth, if we are able help other countries in need we should be able to help ourselves. According to the highschool economics textbook “Economics Principles in Actions”, increasing in minimum wage lowers the employment of minimum wage workers. This assumption is derived from simply supply and demand equations, where a price floor in wages, would cause an excess supply in the labor market, lowering demand, and causing unemployment. However, it focuses that our society does not value jobs equally.

If society doesn’t value all jobs equally people are are unable to work can’t be provided with help. It explains society should value is enviormental protection,full employment,universal medical care. Probablems need to be resolved by economic growth, growing a nation to improve the standard of living can provide jobs and income for people. (Pearson,2007) Barbara Ehrenreich In 1998, she undertook an “experiment” to find out how the rough it is to survive on $6 or $7 an hour wage so for three months, she waited on tables, changed bed sheets and scrubbed floors.

The first thing she discovered is that “No job no matter how lowly is truly “unskilled”. Every one of the six jobs I entered into in the course of this required concentration and most demanded that I master new terms,new tools, and new skills-from placing offers on restraint computers to wielding the backpack vacuum cleaner. ” (Ehrenreich,2001)In this she is implying that people underestimate minimum wage jobs they require you to become a fast learner. Low paying wage jobs require just as much skills as a job which needs a college degree.

She states that “In the rhetorical buildup to welfare reform,it was uniformly assumed that a job was the ticket out of poverty and that the only thing holding back welfare recpients was their reluctance out to get and get one. I got one an sometimes more then one,performance as a jobholder. On small things I was thifty enough:no expenditures on “carousing”flashy clithes,or any of the other indulgences that are often smugly believed to undermine the budgets of the poor”(Ehrenreich,2001). The people of the United States should support raising the federal minimum wage because empirical evidence proves that it does not lead to job loss.

Americans know a raise in the minimum wage is one way to help make work pay. For many working Americans an increase in the minimum wage will make the difference between living in poverty and not. Furthermore, a higher minimum wage, a floor to ensure workers that they’re getting a fair deal for their efforts, provides a foothold into the middle class for many other families who would otherwise not earn a middle class living. Thomas Friedman believes the control of globalization affects wages and market conditions.

The use of a Golden Strait jacket is “to fit into the Golden straight jacket a country must either adopt, or be seen as moving toward,the following golden rules: making the private sector the primary engine of its economic growth, maintaining a low rate of inflation and price stability,shrinking the size of its state bureaucracy, maintaining as close to a balanced budget as possible,if not a surplus,eliminating and lowering tariffs on imported goods, removing restrictions on foreign investments, getting rid of quotas and domestic monopolies, increasing exports,privatizing state-owned industries and utilities,deregulating capital markets, making its currency convertible opening its industries, stock and bond markets to direct foreign ownership and investment”(Friedman,2000).

This statement shows that with these ideas it can allow the economy to grow because society is cutting back on their personal needs for the sake of the growth of their countries economy. He also believes “Deregulating its economy to promote as much domes tic competition as possible, eliminating goverment corruption,subsidies and kickbacks as much as possible, opening its bankng and telecomminications systems to private ownership and competition and allowing its citizens to choose from an array of competing pension options and foreign-run pension and mutual funds. When you stitch all of these pieces together you have the Golden Straitjacket”(Friedman,2000).

If companies are buying each other out there will be no competition in the market place. With less corruption people can have a chance to succeed and citizens can have more options. When a country puts on the goldenstrait jacket a countries economy grows and their politics shrink. Through trade foriegn investments and private industries the goldenstait jacket causes more grief and higher incomes.

The tigher a country wears a goldenstrait jacket “the more gold it produces and the more padding you can then put into it for your society”Therefore,the more a country uses the golden strait jacket the more profit and higher income becomes avaliable. (Freidman,2000) People need to come into realization that everyone is different and not everyone agrees with what equal rights should entail. When you have two people doing the same job at the same competence level, they should be paid the same amount, regardless of differences in race or gender”(Elaine M. Doxie,2010)The irony is that if equal rights were the simple state of nature, there would be little concern.

But someone us always taking away one’s rights,and someone must be there to protect them” Through goverment we should be able to protect the poor if opportunities arent avaliable for them but the economy has changed and big business are overpowering . People need to be equal through age, religion, race, gender and their abilities. “Another situation where equal isn’t is when pregnant women are expected to work just as hard as a man or a woman who isn’t pregnant. Some women are capable, but many are not, and shouldn’t be punished for making the choice to have children” Nobody should be discriminated aganist everyone should be garanteed a life of opportunity. (Elaine M.Doxie,2010).

Overtime poverty remains high because of an erosion of employment opportunities for less skilled workers, not because of an erosion. Americans have become use to the idea of growing unequally. “In 1979 the top 5 percent of earners made eleven times more then those in the bottom 20 percent. Now they earn nineteen times waht the bottom quintile earns. The top 10 percent earn 40 percent of total income in America:They earned only about 30 percent from the 1940’s to the late 1970’s”(Madrick,2003). Failure of government to do more for the poor and the middle class, not because of social programs. If we don’t define equality we may loose this concept and be taken control by the rich.

Adam Smith firmly believed that high wages were an indication of a robust economy. Smith said that “A man must always live by his work, and his wages must at least be sufficient to maintain him. They must, even upon most occasions, be somewhat more; otherwise it would impossible for him to bring up a family, and the race of workers would not last beyond the generation” (Adam Smith,2008)He suggested that workers desire to get as much, the masters to give as little as possible It is not, difficult to foresee which of the two parties must all ordinary occasions, have the advantage in the dispute, and force the other into compliance with their terms. The masters being smaller in number can combine much more easily.

(Adam Smith,2008) Also Roosevelt supported federal minimum wage increase by proclaiming, “No reasonable person seeks a complete uniformity in wages in every part of the United States; nor does any person seek an immediate and drastic change from the lowest pay to the highest pay. We are seeking, of course, only legislation to end starvation wages and intolerable hours; more desirable wages are and should be the product of collective bargaining” (Roosevelt, 1939).

Government is expected to cooperate in every way minimum wage should be recognized for how how much work people put in. The dramatically positive economic times that America has experienced in the last decade of the 20th century has been astounding. America has more wealthy citizens than ever before. Among individuals and groups within a society with goverment assistance we can lessen the gap between the rich and the poor.