Diversity Audit Method

Diversity is one of the important features of workforce in global companies. When a company promotes workforce diversity, the process starts from top management support and solid policy making and implementation. In a truly diverse organization, the managers should value, recognize, accept and appreciate the differences that exist between different groups of people. When an organization implements diversity it is faced with numerous challenges which are resolved only through good diversity policies.

Without proper policy implementation, problems such as discrimination, stereotyping and exclusion often arise. These problems lead to obvious symptoms such as high turnover rate, absenteeism and lawsuits. Hence weak policies and poor implementation often results in human resource problems which are very evident in organization who fails to properly manage diversity. Therefore to audit diversity within Wal-Mart, it was obvious that we have to go through its diversity policies to test them for clarity, transparency, objectivity, concreteness and specifics.

Along with policies, we have to check Wal-Mart’s human resource records for turnover rate, absenteeism, productivity level and lawsuits involving harassment and discrimination. We have to simply check the policies for any evidence of weakness in its provisions and clause; and also check the data indicating high turnover, absenteeism and lawsuits. Good policies are worthless without effective implementation. To test the policy effectiveness of implementation, we have to verify the Wal-Mart workforce composition along three dimensions: organization, external and internal dimension.

The components within these three dimensions are shown in the figure in the appendix. Along with the interview with the managers, we will visit the organization to look at the workforce in order to verify the truthfulness of manager’s claim of workforce diversity.


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