Discretionary governments

There are two discretionary questions for PR. Discretionary Question A concerns countries or territories with traditional monarchies. It asks whether the people are consulted in policy matters and if they are allowed to petition the ruling power. Discretionary Question B is for governments. It asks if the government or those in authority are making a conscious effort to change or destroy the ethnicity and culture of the country and place the power of government concentrated in a particular group. Additional one to four points may be earned for Discretionary Question A, and one to four points deducted for Discretionary Question B.

In the case of Burma it got a rating of -2 for Discretionary Question B. The average of the PR and CL combined ratings determines the rank and freedom status of the country or territory, as the following table shows: The survey gives Freedom a more comprehensive meaning. The report presents an incisive analysis of the survey results and findings. It sets a standard and universal definition of Freedom when it draws clear parameters with which to measure the conditions and presence of freedoms in any democracy.

Policy makers would benefit from the survey because it can assess the state of freedom in their country through factual figures and impartial sources. Businesses and individuals would likewise draw from the survey valuable information about the country they intend to do business with, set up residence in or seek employment from. After all, Freedom is in itself a way of life that defines not just the country but its citizens.


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