Disabilities Act Example

It is no secret to most Americans that Gold’s Gym is one of the best gym facilities to go to both for fitness and even just for recreation. This is why it becomes imperative that facilities such as yours are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. This ensures the accommodation of not only perfectly healthy people but also those who have disabilities but intend to get better through the use of your facilities. You must be aware that ADA applies to Gold’s Gym and any other private entities under Title III of the Act.

As such, it would be best that the equipment and facilities you have should cater not only to normal clients but even the disabled ones. A visit in one of your facilities proved promising given that much of the facilities are already ADA compliant, such as the Vortex Fitness Equipment. The said equipment is 100% accessible to the handicapped and is quite user-friendly. It would be very much appreciated by the disabled if all your branches would have such equipment in the right quantity.

This enables the handicapped to access such equipment without having to fall in line for it. Purchase of such ADA compliant equipment does not come without advantages. You can in fact apply for an ADA tax credit of up to 50% refund of the total amount, which means up to $5,000 discount on the tax bill. Allow your tax advisor to help you with such details. More equipment and facilities in your gym may be bought not only to get tax rebates but most especially, to make your gym accessible to the disabled, thus making the gym ADA compliant.

Before we go there however, I noticed that the fees are basically dependent on the decision of the independent operators of the gyms. It might be advisable however to have a policy that no extra fees will be charged to clients with disabilities as provided for in the ADA. Though it might be more difficult to instruct or assist one who is disabled, the Act gives them the right to be charged as any other normal clients will be charged. Aside from the fees, the disabled also have the right to adaptive equipment.

This, according to the ADA, is one more type of reasonable accommodation asked for from public and private entities providing recreation, sports and well-being to the handicapped such as yours. I am very happy to tell you that Gold’s gym has many equipment and facilities that are adaptive such as the protective equipment and padding that you have and the equipment that ensures the safety and security of the user. I would like to however add more recommendations that can prove useful in your ADA compliance.