Dinner with Abraham Lincoln

The greatest gift that has been bestowed on man is the gift of freedom. Freedom is priceless and immeasurable. Nations engaged in war because of their desire to be independent. The suppression of freedom will lead to civil unrest and would affect the economic development of the country. If there is a man who is known to free people from the bondage of slavery, that man would be the greatest man in the history of the United States. I would be greatly honored to have a dinner with Abraham Lincoln, the man who ended slavery. The act of restoring freedom is the act of giving a person his identity and his dignity.

Several men of colors were not inherently free at that time. They lived with the clutches of their masters who are free to control and trade them. Due to his achievements, Lincoln will always be regarded as a hero and the greatest American of all time. My conversation with former US President Lincoln would be a historical step from the situation of the country in his administration to the present US government. Looking back at his early struggles and leadership, I would tackle issues related to education, discrimination in the society and the situation of the country in general.

Lincoln acquired his education and became a lawyer through self study while he was working as storekeeper, a postmaster and a militia captain in the Black Hawk War. Eventually, he became one of the best lawyers in Illinois. Then, he was elected to the House of Representatives and became a US President. Since education is mandatory nowadays, I would asked him if he thinks students today would be an achiever if they relied on self-education and if he would advice them to read the books that he has read like the Bible, Pilgrim’s Progress and The Life of Washington.

Curiosity would compel me to ask why he chose those books and how has his readings influenced his leadership. When slavery was eradicated, discrimination on the people of colors gradually diminished. Since slavery is no longer practiced, I would like to ask Lincoln if he thinks discrimination in any form still exist in US and in other countries and what advice would he give to influence all leaders to eradicate discrimination. The country has greatly progressed since the 18th century. Today, advances in technology and economic development are seen in many countries.

We have enjoyed the benefits of technology in the field of science and medicine. On one hand, the development of technology paved the way for national security and on the other hand, it has caused unrest and endless war among nations. I would ask Lincoln if he is happy about the progress of the country and what he would do to promote global peace if he is the leader of one of the most powerful nations today. Lastly, I would thank Abraham Lincoln, my hero, for helping America become what it is today.