Difference between Market Justice and Social Justice

Health care in the United States of America is recognized as one of the most pressing concerns that the country has to deal with. The health care in the United States is provided by different stakeholders some coming from the public sector and other from the private sector. Due to the fact that there are many legal entities that are involve in the decision-making process in the health care system, it becomes more complicated and very difficult to change. This situation poses a question of how to allocate finite health care resources that is fair for all people concern.

Market justice asserts that people only have the right to goods and services if they obtain it according to the guidelines of entitlement. It allows inequality as long as this result to a fair market system. The libertarians support market justice because they believe upon the logic of supply and demand that operates within the economic workplace. They argue that it is through the minimal or non-intervention of the government that the optimal outcomes of health care sources supply can be determined (Matthews, 2006).

On the other hand, the social justice model emphasizes that basic need such as: income, housing, and health care should be given to all citizens as part of their fundamental rights. These basic needs are often provided to the citizens by means of different forms of social insurance. In most cases, the government is the one responsible in making sure that a universal health care system is establish in their country (Matthews, 2006).

The United States of America is one of the most notable countries that have yet to establish a universal health care insurance. In my opinion, the country should adopt the social justice model in addressing their health care problems. The U. S. government should take on a more active role in regulating and enhancing the health care in the country. They should create a universal health care insurance for American citizens that will allow them to monitor the costs they are spending for such services.

Moreover, the United States should use the social justice model because of the fact that they give much value to individual human rights by emphasizing that America is the land of the free. They should apply this belief in reality by providing their citizens one of their most important needs, which is health care.


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