Development of Employment Law

The goal of the company has brought us to different states of the United States particularly in New York, California, Virginia, Oregon, New Hampshire, and it also continues to reach Delhi and Mumbai of India. Our specific goal which is to provide high quality customer care with our state of the art approaches ensures our success. The road for this company does not end there. We are just starting to stride and realize our dreams together with this organization hence there is no room for an error now. Our organization needs to be very optimistic in conformation with the current employment law.

Implementation of employment law over different states and across the country necessitates strategic measures (Fitzpatrick and Perine, 2008, p. 3). Mutual connections and influences must be essential and chronological to avoid negative effects which will affect the total economic system of this organization. The struggle for a perfect implementation of employment law is almost intangible based on the fact that employment law is very dynamic (Blanpain and Ameglio, 2004, p. 172). Present workplace if far different from yesterday and a lot more different after today.

Our employees spend most of their waking hours inside this organization and growing interpersonal relationship has established. Most of them understand that our company is not just a vehicle for them to achieve their goals in life. They value the philosophy and trust of the company amongst them. The life of the company lies beneath the backbone of its employment law. It protects all that embodies the organization and look after possible threats which can harm the image of the company. Employment law does not fabricate from one source, it was drawn from all sources of states and federal laws, it is pervasive and variable.

This is a summarization of recent updates, changes, and trends in current employment law which is substantial for the growth of the company. It corresponds to the modern approach of labor laws between the company’s administration and its employees’ well-being. The company needs to upgrade its employment laws based on the following general rulings set by the Department of Labor. General Employment Law: Updates, Changes and Trends (Company X’s employment rules varies with the location of its operation) Child Labor – The allowable age to work is not beyond 16 years of age.

Employees can extend their working hours providing that it does not get in any way with their schedules in school. Some states never allow 16 years old but they do allow 17 – 18 years of age to be employed. The standard for allowable age to be employed varies from state to state and it depends upon the industry. There are also governing laws which provide mandate that children should not stop from schooling and these laws also provides guidelines on how much work children of different ages can carry out (Repa, 2007, p. 27).