Detention Officer

I want to be a Detention Officer for the City of DeKalb because I know that it is a job that can make a difference. I am capable of performing this job well and I want to do something that is a service to the citizens of this city. I understand the job profile and I know that I can do it. The detainees that are placed in the jail by sworn officers have a right to be treated fairly and evenly. They have to be secure and kept not only from harming anyone else but also kept for harming themselves.

Jail personnel are in the public eye almost as much as sworn officers. They must have the same integrity as the officers and must be careful of their image. I know that poor conduct is detrimental to the justice system as a whole and I believe that anyone who violates the law and his or her oath of office deserves whatever penalty is handed down to them. By this I mean that the jail personnel have an obligation to do nothing that will reflect poorly on the city and the justice system.

I have wanted to be a part of the criminal justice system most of my life. I plan to be an example of what it takes to be an exemplary City Detention Officer. The City of DeKalb is a great place to live and work. It is a city with a small town atmosphere. The weather is good and the people are wonderful. The university system here gives the citizens of DeKalb the opportunity to continue their education and I have plans to earn a degree in my chosen field.

I think that it’s important for adults to continue to learn and the hours that I could eventually schedule as a Detention Officer should permit me to have the time to go on with my schooling. I want this job because I believe it’s important and I can do it well. I am moral and upright and I obey the rules of law and of those of common decency. I will be a credit to the city and to the department if I am given the chance to show what I can do.