Despotism on the Internet

Who would have ever thought that a virtual make-believe form of currency used solely on the internet with no practical purpose could cause such a disturbance for the Federal Reserve System of the United States? Believe it or not, this hypothetical story is no dreary political fairy-tale; it is an actual account of events that is currently taking place between America’s central banking system and individuals who currently own pieces of this digital currency, known as bitcoins.

In his article titled “How the looming bitcoin crash will be exploited by globalists to outlaw decentralized crypto currencies”, author Mike Adams uncovers the arcane link between these two entities and ultimately reveals the central banks’ plot to eventually criminalize the bitcoin. Adams’ is correct in his predictions, as supported by his next article “Bitcoin crashes over 50% just one day after bold prediction by Mike Adams of Natural News”.

The author’s predictions support the conclusion that the Federal Reserve System of the United States is on a pursuit to destroy the value of the bitcoin in an attempt to, ultimately, criminalize them overall. To even begin to try to understand this connection, one must understand what a bitcoin truly is. Bitcoins, as defined by PCMag. com, are, “…an untraceable, peer-to-peer digital wallet system introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in January 2009. ” The article continues to explain how bitcoins are generated: “…they are created by users in their own computers with a Bitcoin ‘miner’ application.

Bitcoins can also be bought and sold for real money at a Bitcoin exchange. ” Also, it is crucial to understand that bitcoins tend to have an appallingly low velocity in the marketplace. “The circulation of a currency is classically known as velocity; the higher the velocity, the more frequently the currency is being routinely used for transactions” (Adams, “How the looming bitcoin crash will be exploited…”). This low level of velocity, accompanied by the number of bitcoins that exist digitally (approximately 6 million, as suggested by PCMag.

com) indicates that a majority of the people who are purchasing this virtual currency are not spending them, but sitting on them as if to see if their values will rise. Adams describes this phenomenon as bitcoins being “a speculative vehicle for gambling” (“How the looming bitcoin crash will be exploited…”). While the idea of owning and trading bitcoins seems like a harmless pastime, the central banks of the United States, unified under the Federal Reserve System, view the idea as harmful. One might wonder, “Why would the central banks of the United States be so concerned with the growing popularity of the bitcoin market?

” The answer to that question is rather simple: it prevents the Federal Reserve System from regulating and controlling the movement of all financial capital around the world. Adams’ explains in his article “How the looming bitcoin crash will be exploited…” that, “Bitcoin, in fact, threatens the very foundation of monetary control that underlies all the corrupt governments of the world. ” The Wikipedia article “Federal Reserve System” explains that this system “has both private and public components, and was designed to serve the interests of both the general public and private bankers.

” Therefore, the presence of bitcoins directly affects the system’s ability to control monetary flow around the country, leading the private bankers to extreme actions in order to preserve their own money in their pockets. Due to the fact that the existence of this digital currency disrupts the status quo put in place by the twelve major banks that comprise the Federal Reserve System of the United States, it is logical to assume that the bitcoin currently is and will continue to be a major focus of legislative and judicial assessment.

The financial phenomenon of the inflating bitcoin is best described in Mike Adams’ supplement article, titled “The bitcoin bubble explained: Understanding the mathematics of the inevitable bitcoin crash. ” In this article, Adams provides a hypothetical scenario in order to easily exhibit how the inflation of the bitcoin takes place and affects the consumers: “John, Mary and Kate are three ‘investors’ who are buying bitcoins. Each time one of them buys a bitcoin, the value of bitcoins rises due to increased demand. John got in early and bought 10 bitcoins for $1 each.

So John’s investment is a total of $10. Mary got in a month ago and bought 10 bitcoins for $20 each. So Mary’s total investment is $200. Kate just bought her bitcoins, purchasing 10 of them for $200 each. So Mary’s total investment is $2,000. The total amount of their combined purchases is $10 + $200 + $2000, for a grand total of $2210. But the three of them, in total, think they have a grand total of $6,000 worth of bitcoins because all the bitcoins they purchased are now ‘valued’ at the most recent purchase price of $200.

In other words: John currently owns 10 bitcoins valued at $200 each, so John thinks he’s got ‘$2,000 worth of bitcoins’ in his account. Mary’s 10 bitcoins are also valued at $200 each, so Mary thinks she’s got ‘$2,000 worth of bitcoins. ’ Kate’s bitcoins are also worth $200 each, so Kate has $2,000 worth of bitcoins. In total, these three people believe they have $6,000 worth of bitcoins. Yet, they only ‘invested’ $2210. Somehow, $3,790 in ‘value’ was created out of nothing. Where did this extra $3,790 come from? Answer: It doesn’t exist.

It is an illusion. ” This example clearly explains how price inflation of the bitcoin occurs and how this process is easily exploited by the central banks. Overall, the primary goal of the Federal Reserve System is to gain back full control of all financial movement in the United States, which has been interrupted by the bitcoin’s increasing level of popularity. In order to achieve this mission, the central banks must find a way to make the bitcoin financially worthless and ultimately make the activity of purchasing this virtual currency a crime.

Adams’ article “How the looming bitcoin crash will be exploited…” illustrates a six-step agenda that the Federal Reserve System is implementing in order to successfully put a halt to the buying and selling of bitcoin: First, central banks buy up massive quantities of bitcoin currency, driving the prices into the stratosphere and encouraging millions of people around the world to jump on board the “get rich” bandwagon.

Once the bitcoin valuations reach a sufficient level of insanity, start a massive selloff by dumping the bitcoins you already bought onto the market, offering them for sale at any price (i. e. sell into falling prices, accelerating the loss in valuations). Then, watch panic take hold as the bitcoin crash accelerates, ending in a catastrophic wipeout of “valuation” of all bitcoins. Next, find “victims” of the bitcoin crash who can tell a good sob story for the mainstream media about how they invested little Johnny’s college money in bitcoins and lost it all.

Roll them out on CNN and MSNBC where they cry on camera and talk about how they were ripped off by bitcoin and now they only trust the government from now on. Afterwards, demonize bitcoin by characterizing it as a “libertarian pyramid scheme. ” Lash out against both decentralized currencies and libertarians. Finally, once the demonization gains traction, have traitors in the U. S. Congress announce a “Consumer Currency Protection Act” that outlaws non-central bank currencies such as bitcoin… and arrest a few people using bitcoins to send a warning to the rest.

These secretive tactics of placing fear into the American people’s hearts in order to impose a certain law are not new to the powerhouses of America. It is widely speculated that the same system of fear has been used in other instances, particularly in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting tragedy that eventually led to the new gun legislation currently being debated. This covert mission of destroying the value of the bitcoin is currently taking place at the hands of the Federal Reserve System of the United States.

Adams’ elaborates in his article that there is mathematical evidence that a large entity or corporation is currently buying large numbers of bitcoins, causing their value to skyrocket; signs of this were evident as the value of the bitcoin was driven from $20 per unit to over $200 per unit virtually overnight (“How the looming bitcoin crash will be exploited…”). This drastic jump in price is evidence that someone is intentionally driving up the price, seeing as how immediately after Adams’ predictions were made in his article, the value of the bitcoin crashed over 50% in one day, which destroyed approximately one billion dollars in value.

Adams’ points out that “this crash was almost certainly caused by a covert central bank ‘stress test’ of the pliability of the bitcoin market. ” This particular crash was instigated when a user named “Bitcoinbillionaire” had given away $13,627. 69896 worth of Bitcoins to Reddit users. Adams’ states that this was “a calculated stress test to determine the ‘buoyancy’ of the bitcoin market; by injecting a predetermined amount of supply into the market and watching the price reaction, it can easily be calculated how many bitcoins will be required to crash the entire market down to a desired price level, causing a runaway panic” (“Bitcoin crashes over 50% just one day after bold public prediction…”).

The involvement of the Federal Reserve System in the crashing of the bitcoin market is seemingly undeniable, as the average interest group in the United States does not have one billion dollars to “test the market” with. The negative effects of this “stress test” on the bitcoin market are vast and widespread.

Consumers of the bitcoins would benefit much more from a slow and steady rise in the value of their currencies, reflecting a high level of stability. However, the market’s crash has led to a highly volatile pattern of price inflation and outlandish price-ranges. As Adams’ explains it in his original article “How the looming bitcoin crash will be exploited…”, “there is no fundamental reason why bitcoins should be 2000% more valuable today than four months ago; nothing has changed other than the craze/mania of people buying in.

” The recent stress test placed on the bitcoin market was undeniably committed by an extremely high-powered organization with plenty of cash to throw around; and who has more “play money” than the United States Federal Reserve System? The twelve central banks that make up the Federal Reserve System are undoubtedly on a mission to not only destroy the value of the bitcoin, but also to criminalize all activity pertaining to them.

In achieving this, these central banks comprised of public and private investors will once again be in full control of capital movement around the world. Mike Adams’ article “How the looming bitcoin crash will be exploited…” focuses on the impending likelihood of the central banks of the United States’ involvement in attempting to destroy the bitcoin’s value. One day later, his predictions were validated when the bitcoin market was subject to a “stress test”, during which time the market lost nearly one billion dollars in value.

Adams’ documented these findings in his supplemental article titled “Bitcoin crashes over 50% just one day after bold public prediction…” I find it incredible unlikely that any privately-owned institution has the motive or the financial means to execute such a brazen attack on the bitcoin market. The most likely culprit here is obviously the Federal Reserve System, who aims to maintain complete control over all capital movement in the United States; not only do they have a motive to commit such an act, but they are also easily financially capable of doing so.

In a world where “cash is king”, it is imperative for those in the most powerful positions to maintain their wealth and control over the American people. Generally, these powerhouses are able to exert total control without the general public even being aware by using covert methods and remaining highly secretive, as is the case of the bitcoin market crash. Only time will tell if the Federal Reserve System is behind this financial reign of terror, but all evidence points to an incredible “yes”.