Define Justice

Today many conflicts are fought over the concept of “justice”, but defining what the concept really is can be very difficult. According to the “Merriam-Webster” dictionary justice is “the quality of being just, impartial, or fair. ” Within that definition there are things that must be taken into consideration like moral codes, religion and the set of beliefs a person is raised on, all of these things differentiate for each person. In the constitution’s preamble it is stated that to form a “more perfect union” we must “Establish justice”.

Justice was a problem at that time they were being treated unfairly by England. People wanted a nation with an equal playing field, where courts were established with consistency and where trade inside and outside of the country would be fair and safe from bias. Our founding fathers wrote that looking forward to a country were every person could receive a fair, unbiased trial. Today hundreds of years after that was written we are still trying to achieve an unbiased, fair court.

To ensure justice throughout the United States we should educate every person about the legal system, what they have a right to and how they should be treated. If a person does not know what they are entitled to they are not likely to have everything that they can. That person should know what they are able to use so that they can be treated as justly as possible. One way to provide that every citizen is ensured justice is to not wait to bring a case to court.

The slower police and other government officials the less likely they are to find someone who could affect the outcome of the case. People may also suffer if they are falsely accused. The longer the officials wait to work the more likely the citizens of that place are to lose faith in the government. Defense for all citizens should be provided, in order to ensure justice for every citizen. In a case in 1963 the Supreme Court ruled that poor people accused of serious crimes would be provided with lawyers paid by the government with taxpayers money.

That law was passed but at this time there are not enough employees to work on all the cases, thus cases are getting turned down by public defenders (the lawyers paid with taxpayers money). Whatever your definition of justice is there is no question that the United States justice system could get stronger, in different ways including the three above. The solutions may require more time or effort that we think necessary but it is every person’s constitutional right to a just trial in the United States.