Defense policy

Nation’s face in the international stage depends on its foreign and defense policy. United States being the super power constantly strives to hold its grip over majority nations with its foreign and defense policy only. There is an intimate link between the foreign and defense policy. There will be regular international problems among the nations in trade, Intellectual Property Rights, diplomatic relations, Balance of power, Disputes on borders etc. But now they were marginalized by the terrorism which is a current burning issue.

USA is using the term “War on Terrorism’ for military, political, legal and ideological conflict against Islamic terrorism after 9/11 attacks. Now with the ‘War on Terrorism’ there is a sudden shift in the foreign and defense policy of the nations especially by the victims of terrorism nations such as USA, UK, India etc. USA is one of the most victimized nations of terrorism which forced to change her policies. Foreign policy of USA: The whole decade of 1990’s American primacy was unprecedented and uncontested.

The remarkable foreign policies were able to resolve many regional disputes such as Yugoslav succession and Korea, Middle East, toward settlement. It also able to a democratic and free trade paradigm, including through the World Trade Organization and the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The uncertainty of the U. S foreign policy with out a particular subject matter after the disintegration of the Soviet Union ended with the 9/11 attacks at the White House and the State Department, but by the U. S. Congress, relief agencies. Today, American foreign policy arises from thousands of small decisions taken every day not only, advocacy groups, foreign investors, think tanks, and ordinary American citizens. (Donald K. Steinberg, 2002) This trend of greater diffusion and decentralization of power and influence of people on the political leaders show tremendous impact on the policy making. The policy making is aided by the electronic media support.