Danger in the Desert

Robbie and Scott Ratliff are brothers, brothers that pick on each other. Scott is the older brother and Robbie is the younger brother. Their ages are nine and eleven. Their dad died before the story started. They fight all the time. At the beginning of the story, Robbie “accidently” threw away Scott’s new Boy Scout badges. Scott chases Robbie into the house with a hose pipe. You know that didn’t end well.

Their mom came home to discover that the house had been hosed down. We find out that earlier before the story began that Robbie had gotten Scott’s basketball shoes and thrown them into a mirror and broke it. Their punishment was to go shopping with their mom. They go in and spend what felt like hours to them and finally come out. They actually got rewarded with four large forty-four ounce gulpers of Root Beer. The old, beat up Volkswagen was running out of gas and they stopped at the Thirty-Second Street Mini-Mart. It was so hot that Mom leaves the car running.

She goes in to pay for the gas, and some stranger just jumps in the car, and starts to drive off. He finally realizes that there are two kids in the car with him. He pulls out his gun, tie them up, and makes Robbie slowly get in the passenger seat and puts the gun to his head. He goes out into the desert, in the middle of nowhere. They finally realize that he is meeting someone. He pulls up to a jeep, and gets out. They talk about why he took a car with kids in it, what they are going to do with them, and if they should kill them.They end up just leaving them there. The boys didn’t know what to do so they just stayed in the car until about dark. They tried driving back to the highway, but that plan, shortly after starting the car, hit rock bottom when the car ran out of gas. So they just tried to stay in the car. Then it rained cats and dogs for an hour or two.

About midways into that hour they got the gulper cups and put them outside to collect the rain water. Now that was a plan!!! They get back in to go to sleep and a snake all of a sudden crawls up Scott’s pants leg. They get a stick and shove it out of the car after ten minutes of trying to figure out what they were going to do. They get up the next day at three fifteen in the morning. Scott described the feeling outside, dry, dusty, and very hot!!! So even though it had rained so much last night, the rain had disappeared. In the gulpers they set out, they had, together, about twenty-two ounces of rain water.

They decide they are going to follow the tracks back to the highway. Well, see, the problem with that was last night, when the rain came down as cats and dogs; it washed away the tracks, so they were stuck there. A plane for the police department passes over and keeps going. Scott was awake, but Robbie wasn’t. He saw the plane go over and thought they were never going to be saved. The plane passes over again and drops something… a wallet? Scott opens up the wallet and tries to read the letter, but can’t, his eyes are too fuzzy. He finally reads what it says, “We saw you… You’re going to be saved…” Scott began to cry, Robbie never woke up… was he dead?Scott passes out right before the helicopter gets there. When they wake up they feel coolness, “Are we dead?” they think. They wake up and end up fine. They have a press conference and talk about how they lived. They both agreed on the one word to describe it… Scott.