Criminology Unit VIII Assessment Essay Questions

1. What has been the actual impact of criminology on social policy? What would be the ideal impact? Criminology is a science which pertains to the study of crimes, the forms and types of criminal behavior, its causes, and the meaning of criminality as well as the social reactions to criminal incidences and activities (Sousa, 2009). I believe that the field of criminology greatly impacts the social policy because its scope of application includes recent concepts, problems, as well as existing policies and programs of the society.

This field enables an individual to accumulate an understanding of the current criminology issues of the country and the social problems and issues that are affected. It also involves the study of how the criminal justice system and social policies are formed and implemented (Loughborough University, n. d. ). Even though criminology and social policy have different sets of angles to consider when it comes to dealing with problems, it is in my opinion that they have a common goal which is to achieve disciple and peace.

The field of criminology is very wide and diverse, and I think that the ideal impact it has on social policy is the thorough understanding of the link between criminology and the social policy which will enable the society to further understand crimes and the problems related to it. Furthermore, it is my opinion that proper application of criminology can help the society to have a good response to potential crimes thus enabling the authorities to have a well-calculated and balanced discussion about adequate social policies which will directly address the needs of the society.

The crime rate is getting higher and higher to the point where the government is beginning to be bothered by the fact that nothing seems to work and scare the criminals. This is where the role of criminology comes in. I believe that studying the crimes by groups and types and looking at them in a variety of angles may help the law enforcers to implement social policies that would cater and deal with the issues of today. 2. What future research directions of crime do you find most interesting, and why?

Although there is a wide-array of subjects in criminology that I find appealing, if I have to choose one, I would pick the aspect of dealing with juvenile crimes. I find this area of research interesting and at the same time challenging because the target audience, or market so to speak, are children. Juvenile Delinquency is one of the highly sensitive and complex aspects of criminology because it is very difficult to provide adequate disciplinary measures that are necessary for the children to stay out of trouble.

Most kids who are pronounced by the court as juvenile delinquents are usually in the transition phase of their lives. They are caught between the world of adults and children, and without proper guidance, there is a tendency for them to channel their confusion towards doing something illegal in order to get attention. This topic got my attention because the 50 states all throughout the country differ in application when it comes to the punishment and age of liability (Australian Government, 2008).

When it comes to researching, the challenge lies in the debates and disparity of opinions of the courts. Even though they agree that the main philosophy that lies behind juvenile courts leans towards rehabilitation, the courts differ in its application. A very extensive and thorough comparison research of juvenile crimes in America combined with the proper legislation not only can greatly help the offenders and the victims, but it may also improve the welfare of the community. References Australian Government. (2008).

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