Criminology and Rapes on Campus

As girls enter into the next stage of their lives which is post-secondary education they’re looking forward to a year of possibly living alone for the first time in their lives and sometimes the freedom gets to you because you feel like you can do anything without worries. Most of these girls want to join cliques and meet others, the best way they find is to get to know people in fraternities but little do they know is most of the guys who are part of fraternities think that they are invincible and can do whatever they like.

These guys tend to drink a lot of alcohol and provide a lot to the girls in an attempt to get into their pants and at times they may use force to do so. When guys are drunk they tend to lose control of their mind and let their penis guide them and this usually causes them to go ahead with rape as they feel there’s no consequences because they have a lot of back since there in the fraternity. This is a fact because 90% of rapes consist of fraternity men so basically the reason behind this is they feel like they’re on top of the school.

This can be seen many examples over the past years where a bunch of guys would gang up and rape one girl then leave her to rot in the fraternity somewhere. This has to be prevented as it is illegal and it should be taken more seriously. In today’s world we need to consider the importance of gender inequality and how it relates to the feminist theory. Most universities and colleges the fraternities are all portrayed the same way as a party house. Rape is really probable because of the kind of people in the organization and the way that it is set up and the university or college has a lack of looking over the fraternities.

The fraternities have an impact on human behaviour and human nature because guys feel like they get this dominating ego when they are in a fraternity which causes them to act the way they do. The girls become victims of these guys who get drunk and have sexual urges which causes them to do certain things and fraternity guys look at it as a plain good time not realizing the impact on the girl it’s their human nature not to care. In society today rape is taken seriously by police and the law and it can get you put in jail for many years depending on the severity of the offence and the amount of damages you inflict on the girl.

It would also always depend on society and what they think of the situation if a jury for example would think the girl was in consent or not in the case in this article the 18 year old co-ed girl was obviously not in consent when she was raped in the fraternity by a couple guys and left their like a sexual objectification. The role of law is to punish the one who has committed the rape and give him a punishment that is deemed to be fit to the crime.

A crime is when you breach the rules of law for which you can receive a conviction so in cases of rape a lot of the girls will not want to report what has happened as they fear what society will say about them. In the case of fraternities they all try protecting the ones who are a part of the fraternity as they don’t want too see any of their brothers suffer or go to jail so often you will see no one say anything in the above case about almost 150 people who were in the fraternity denied that they knew anything and that is the power of fraternity which is not right.

Logically when looking at rape and a accused person how can a man walk when he committed a crime just because he has the money and power of fraternity on his side a jury and judge should take in consideration the whole case and not make a mockery out of the victim of this act. Fraternities just want the top guys who are top in athletics, and school to join no geeks and nerds and once these guys are in they start to feel like they do whatever they want which is wrong. The problem is these guys have a lot of money to throw around which is why they can control their acts.

Part of this is due to peer pressure as the fraternities older guys make newer guys sign pledges making them do different things so basically to prove themselves their willing to do anything to be in the fraternity. In fraternities it is often very popular to drink a lot of alcohol and often the guys use alcohol as a weapon to get girls attracted towards them and lure them into having sex with them and then take advantage of them. Nowadays even insurance companies don’t want to insure fraternities cause of the risk involved as theirs likeliness of rape, property damage etc.

This causes them to look bad in the society so is it justice yes most fraternities men need to be taught lessons and the money they have has to be taken from under their noses to set them in line and the criminal justice system needs to put harsher laws in regards to what can and cannot happen in fraternities with regards to rape because obviously in university girls and guys like to have fun and some girls to consent to certain things like orgies and what not but doesn’t mean guys can just force themselves onto her cause she’s nude maybe she’s their too have fun to a certain extent and some guys may take that too far.

Some men may argue in a sense that woman are sexual objectification which is wrong they are not someone you can just treat as a instrument for sex they are humans like us guys and have a right to what they want to do as well. Rape the act of assault on another person causing harm through sexual intercourse without the persons consent. Fraternity men tend to think this is ok as it is not wrong to go around raping girls when they are drunk or under the influence and feel it is ok to take advantage well it is not and it is punishable under the law.

Many cases in the past have been brought to case and thrown out but today law has gotten stricter and no one can just do as they choose to women as they have a say as their humans and deserve equality as us guys. The world is changing and girls are starting to become more independent and some guys take advantage of that which is wrong. When girls come to post-secondary they come looking for a good experience and they don’t ever imagine having some perverted fraternity guys to come and rape them so over time situations change and law will take affect making sure the girls are given justice and treated with self-respect.