Crime Rate in Jacksonville Through Proper Legislation

The recent wild shooting in Virginia Tech shocked not only the entire nation but also the whole world. The news spread like wildfire in the internet and across the globe. The assaulter was said to have purchased two guns using his credit card and used the same in firing at his colleagues at the used to be pleasant university. This Columbine High reenactment is not anymore new in the history of the United States as there have been gun killings not only in Virginia Tech but also in the other states, such as in Jacksonville, Florida.

In fact, the said city has been aliased in Naples Daily News as ‘Florida’s Murder Capital’ in some news articles due to its high crime rates (Word, 2007). Due to the incidents of increased rates in murders and gun shootings, students from all universities in the United States have become perturbed to the extent of warranting unlicensed firearms as their own protection for any maniac who would attempt another crazy amok. Among the campuses which have reports of this kind in Florida is the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL (Lavin, 2007).

As reported in Jacksonville. com (2007), it is not peculiar to come across a student walking with a gun half-tucked in his pants as campus prohibitions on concealed weapon licenses are either absent or not strictly implemented, notwithstanding the rampant inter-state gun trade and lax laws on gunsales. Prior to the wild bloodshed in Virginia, reports also show that the murder rate in Jacksonville for 2006 has almost doubled in 2005 (Treen, 2007). According to Kormanik (2007), the statistic is “the highest in Florida for the past six years.

” The kind of personal security measure adopted by students and civilians, especially if unwarranted, is viewed as among the culprits of the increase in murder incidents and high crime rates and security threats. This is due to the fact that there are more people equipped to kill now than prior to the passage of concealed firearm licenses. And because the “Stand on Your Ground” law has also loosened its grip as regards firing gunshots, it also gave license to murderers to deliberately kill their victims, whether the latter is an innocent person or not, and use such law as a defense (Miami Herald, 2006).

Should the city government of Jacksonville lay deaf on the said issue of students carrying handguns inside campuses and civilians carrying guns for their personal use, following the thread of cities and universities with high rates of gun-murder-incidence is not an impossibility in the case of Jacksonville. The problem not only rests on the threat to security of Jacksonville and its campuses, but also the psychological impact of such to those people who do not carry handguns or do not have one. The problem also lies on maintaining the sensible and sound judgment of those who have handguns, whether they have license to carry it or not.

The impact on the youth’s psyche is also of much concern. If they grow in a community of handgun carriers, it might also give an impression to the youngsters that killing is allowed. Lavin (2007) in Times-Union further reports that students in universities who are being harassed by teachers can fall into rage and point their guns at their teachers whenever they feel annoyed by their instructors. These kinds of occurrences must be properly addressed. The nonchalance of city officials regarding this gives an impression that carrying unlicensed firearm not really a big deal.

While carrying firearms gives added security to those who have it, it increases the level of threat to those who do not, and insecurity to the entire state. This paper aims to address this issue on banning guns, gun scares and gun killings by appealing to Florida’s national government and its officials in the end result that an ordinance which would regulate the sale and use of guns, increase security measures in order to prevent anymore gun killings and avoid any incident leading to such shall be created.

Research Strategy This paper is a product of corroborated and collaborated information and statistics pertinent to the city of Jacksonville including crime management and incidence, the city’s demographics, administration and political structure. The information gathered herein come from various sources such as articles, researches, news clippings, columns and personal engagements. Majority of which, however, are obtained from qualified online sources.