Crime and deviance Research Paper

Every society is governed by a set of laws. These laws are made to protect life and property, to protect the right of every citizen of the state. It is the collective duty of every member of such a state to ensure that these laws are obeyed and that the society be free from violence. The constituted government has the duty of making laws and enforcing them while the citizen holds the duty of obeying and adhering to such laws that are made by the government.

However, situations arise when laws are not followed. At such instances the order in the society is broken. This might be done by ignorance or intentionally. It might be committed in the secret of your room or in the public park. Whatever it is, it is referred to as crime. What then is crime?

Crime is an act of omission of the established law of the state which is punishable by the constituted government. Crime distorts the orderliness that should be in the state and it is a violation of social contract. Another concept related to crime is deviance. Deviance can be said to be behavioral patterns that are different from the normal way of behavior or the conventional standard.

The question here is why do people engage in crime and deviance? In an attempt to answer this question, many scholars have come up with different theories but in general they can be categorized into three different reasons; biological disorders, psychological or mental disorders and environmental or social disorders.

In our world today, crime is all around us. It starts from small levels of crimes like disrespect for the national flag to high level like murder. For the purpose of this essay, it will suffice to give current examples of crime and deviant behaviors around us.

To begin with, it was reported today that some masked and heavily armed men strolled to a topless bar in New York and looted a huge sum of money. In news in Kenosha, a couple was discovered dead in their residence in what looks like a murder-suicide. Another development in West Palm Beach, a man has allegedly pleaded guilty to the fact that he intentionally killed a man called Alan Shalleck.

Furthermore, in Central Islip in New York, a 15 year old boy has pleaded guilty to the fact that he plotted to attack his school on their anniversary. He was charged with a lesser charge of attempted conspiracy and will do some time in the juvenile home. In another development in the heart of New York, it was reported today that 1 person was feared dead while two others were injured in what appears to be a dispute that erupted in their workplace. The suspect was a fired former employee of the company who definitely came to get his pound of flesh. He was spotted shooting his former supervisor and injuring two other people who tried to stop his rampage.

Research institutes have raised alarm at the recent crime rates in America. One can only hope that this will decline as it raises fear in the mind of people.